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Ultimate Guide to Adding Pleasant Apartment Fragrances

Out of all the five senses, we often overlook the importance of smell. We tend to focus on the aesthetic or atmospheric value of our home.


But if a room has an off-putting smell — it can make even the most stylish apartment uninviting.


Now, you can make sure that your house always smells nice. Just follow this ultimate guide to adding pleasant apartment fragrances.


Eliminate Unpleasant Odors


Before you can make your apartment smell heavenly, you need to get rid of any sources of bad odors. 


The best way to start is to open all your windows and doors to let a good flow of air through the apartment. Sometimes stale air takes on a musty smell. 


Of course, you will need to keep your litter box, and pet beds clean regularly. These emit strong odors that no one enjoys.


The garbage disposal can also release some funky smells into the air. If you find that your garbage disposal is guilty of this, learn how to keep it clean with these tips.


If you have old food in the fridge, you will want to throw it out to cut down on spoiled food odors escaping.


Another source of stink? 


The trash can. It’s a good habit to take out the trash every night. If you don’t produce enough garbage to come near filling the bin each day, you should have an airtight trash receptacle to keep the smells contained. 


You will also want to try and locate damp and musty areas and take precautions to keep them dry and air them out.


Use the Right Cleaners


When it comes to pleasant smells, there’s nothing better than the smell of clean. When you use the right cleaners, you can easily keep your house smelling fresh.


With so many different cleaners, use the ones that you like the smell of the most. 


You might include products like scented or odor-eliminating trash bags to help combat any smells in the garbage. 


If you have a pet in your apartment, pet odor eliminators are essential. We love our little furry friends, but they do let out some stubborn smells. 


Febreze makes many odor-eliminating products. These include fabric cleaners, carpet cleaners, and even filters that emit a pleasant smell every time you vacuum your floor.


Does your apartment have stubborn smells like cigarette smoke or pet stains? Try mixing vinegar with baking soda — this combo makes for a smell-eliminating superhero.


Try Natural Fragrances


If you are sensitive to chemically produced scents, you can always try a more natural approach to giving your apartment a welcoming smell. 


One way to accomplish this is through regular use of your oven. Cooking and baking aromatic foods can help to tickle the smell senses.


You can also use natural potpourri to replace the instant kind. Why not try your hand at creating your own with these homemade potpourri recipes?


Many people use essential oils or incense to improve the smell of their home naturally. 


Enlist the Help of Electronics


You can't always be going around cleaning and cooking, though. So it's best to get a little help from some electrical appliances to make your apartment smell clean.


Air diffusers are the newest version of an automatic fragrance sprayer. You fill them with water and some essential oils and plug it in. It emits a light mist that fills the air with pure aromatic goodness. Try out these different oil blends in your diffuser. 


Candle wax warmers work the same way only they melt scent filled wax cubes to fulfill the same purpose. With the help of an electric wax melt burner you are pretty much sure that you will have a house with a good smell. And this will bring a good ambiance and great feeling to your family and friends.


Plugins are the tried and true form of room fragrancing and also cheap and easily interchangeable. 


If your house suffers from a lot of humidity odors, investing in an electronic air purifier will help you combat those stinky smells. 


Make Fragrancing a Habit


Once you get your house to smell good, you need to keep it that way by making fragrances a habit.


Before you vacuum your carpet, sprinkle it with some baking soda based carpet deodorizer. 


Make it a habit to use a deodorizing spray in each room and on your furniture periodically.


You can also leave perfume bombs around so that you get a good whiff whenever you walk by. Make these by immersing little cotton balls in perfume.


You can leave them in hidden places with high traffic or in the A/C panel to fill the room with the lovely scent of your perfume when the fan is on.


A similar idea is to leave dry potpourri sachets under couch cushions or behind furniture.


Some Quick Hacks


Some occasions merit a special effort to make the house smell good. For example, if you are having guests or staging your home, you will want your house to feel fantastic. 


These quick hacks will do the trick:


  • Place coffee beans in a cup with tea light lit in the middle. The beans will warm and emit the smell of fresh ground coffee


  • Fill mesh bags with scent boosters beads and hang them in an area of airflow


  • A trick that real estate agents use is to place a few teaspoons of vanilla in an oven-ready dish and bake it in the oven* right before an open house


  • Another trick is to attach dryer sheets to a box fan and turn it on to make the whole room smell like clean laundry

*Try two teaspoons in an oven-proof mug at 300 degrees for one hour.



By following these steps, you’ll be able to enjoy pleasant aromas every day in every room of your apartment.

You may even find yourself pausing to breathe in deeply every time you get home — to savor those scents!


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