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True Knot in Umbilical Cord: Spiritual Significance 

What does it mean by true knot in umbilical cord spiritual meaning? First, what is a true knot in umbilical cord? In this blog, you will get to know about all these. So, have some patience! 

Some babies are born with a knot in their umbilical cords. The baby’s movements in a mother’s womb cause knots in umbilical cords. These knots are also called true knots. Not all babies are born with a true knot.

What if you are born with a knot in the umbilical cord? You definitely felt curious to know what it was all about. However, that’s all you care. When you hear someone saying, a true knot in umbilical cord has a deep spiritual meaning, you want to dig deep into the matter. The same thing happens if your baby is born with such knots.

It is an unusual occurrence and often associated with good luck. Grab a cup of coffee as we are going to talk about the world of spiritualism and how true knots are connected to it. Let’s get started. 

Umbilical Cord and True Knots

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A true knot in the umbilical cord is an unusual occurrence and often linked to a deep spiritual meaning. However, it is also dangerous, especially for the baby. 

The umbilical cord is a link between a mother and her baby. Therefore, it has a special significance in medical science.

True Knot: Symbolizing a Baby’s Strength?

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A baby is connected to its mother via an umbilical cord. A baby’s birth is symbolic of the mother’s strength and the baby’s struggle to come into this world. 

In some traditions, a true knot is linked to great leadership qualities, intelligence, wisdom, resilience, power and good luck. A true knot represents:

  • Resilience
  • Strength 
  • Good Luck

A mother’s womb is the first and safest home for her child. The child receives love and care even before seeing the light of the day. The true knot symbolizes a mother’s affection and nourishment towards her baby when the baby is her womb. Some people believe that babies born with a true knot in the umbilical cord are gifted with spiritual blessing. It is a rare phenomenon and it symbolizes that the baby is unique and extraordinary.

The true knot carries a deep spiritual significance and conveys 7 messages from God. According to some traditions, a knot in the umbilical cord is a true blessing and God has chosen the baby for something extraordinarily good. 

True Knot in Umbilical Cord Spiritual Meaning 

Leadership Quality

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Many people believe that the children born with a true knot in their umbilical cord are gifted with qualities and skills of a true leader. As a result, these children are:

Always energetic and active

  • Eager to perform
  • Self-confident 
  • Fair and just

Don’t allow anything to distract or prevent your child from finding his/her true path. Though there is no scientific logic behind kids with a true knot having leadership qualities, polish your child’s inherent good qualities. 


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Children born with a knot are believed to be intelligent and adventure-hungry. They always love to do exciting things. Therefore, true knots symbolize:

  • Open-mindedness
  • Wisdom
  • Flexibility

Intelligent people have these three qualities. Having these qualities also makes you a good human being. Highly intelligent people are also highly powerful. 

If your baby was born with a true knot, consider it a sign from God, the creator of the universe. Protect your baby, nurture him/her; he/she is unique.

Blessed with a high level of intelligence and creative firepower, they are born to do great things and make the world a safe and lovely place.


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A baby with a true knot has the inner power to go through the hard times with their heads held high. Life is not a bed of roses, but a bed of thorns and they will come out in flying colours. 

With every passing moment, life is getting harder and tougher. How can you face this world? You grow tensed and worried about your baby. However, a baby with a true knot is a gift from God and it has resilience to deal with the demons and even conquer them. 

These babies are not ordinary people, rather born with extraordinary power, intelligence and resilience. Teach your child the significance and power of resilience. After all, it’s always about the survival of the fittest.



True knot babies have several good qualities and power is surely one of these. They are powerful enough to conquer and rule, literally anything. It has something to do with their leadership qualities. With great power, these people always have:

  • Integrity 
  • Honesty
  • Confidence
  • True faith

A Message of God

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There is a strong belief that babies with a true knot are the messengers from God. They have some unique and great abilities. These babies also stay deeply connected to the spiritual world. Yes, the umbilical cord is believed to be connected to spirituality. 

A true knot represents a powerful force and shows the path once a baby comes into this world. An usual belief is people born with a true knot could get spiritually connected to divine beings. Let the light of divine wisdom and power shine on you.

Good Luck

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The sun will shine brightly on their path of success. All the elements in the universe are in cahoots to guide them to the peak of excellence. This unique phenomenon often kills the baby but those who survive are really lucky ones. 

Babies with a true knot are believed to have good luck always following them. Celebrate the rare occurrence if your baby is born with a true knot; he/she will bring a lot of fortune to your entire family. 

Luck is the ultimate Midas Touch that translates every effort into a golden success. Guide your child to progress and teach him/her to utter the prayers of thanks to God. 

Ill Temper


Not a good quality though but with some positive attributes, also come some negativities and we have no way but to accept them as they are. 

Bad temper is one of the negative connotations associated with true knot-related spiritual messages. A long belief asserts that a child born with a true knot will have bad temper. 

We do understand that anger management is pretty challenging but it is definitely not impossible. 

Anger is common in all humans. However, excessive anger or what we call bad temper has demonic power; it can destroy everything. .

There are a few useful things that you can try to control your bad temper:

  • Practice meditation regularly
  • Spend time with nature
  • Get out of toxic relationships

Having patience will help you escape your deep-seated regret and frustration. 

Final Words

It takes great strength to survive in the womb with a knot or knots in the umbilical cord. Not everyone is powerful enough to come out alive. Hence, it is a rare thing and babies born with such a rare phenomenon are blessed with many great qualities.

True knot in umbilical cord spiritual meaning has profound significance. It is also considered a harbinger of good luck. In fact, good luck always follows them wherever they go. These babies are the rare gifts from God. Keep them safe, nurture their talents. 

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