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Unclog your toilet with a suction cup

Too much toilet paper or other rubbish can clog your toilet. Before using chemicals, which are often corrosive, or calling in a professional, you can use simple and no less effective methods to unclog the toilet. The use of the suction cup is one of them.. Can't unclog your toilet with your flexible ferret or Spanish broom? How do you unclog your clogged and smelly to What natural solution to unclog your toilet that evacuates badly or your toilet that no longer fills? Your toilet is very clogged. What to do? A very useful instrument in some cases

A suction cup is a familiar object, which comes in the form of a rubber funnel, attached to the end of a wooden handle. Its use is within everyone's reach and does not require any special plumbing skills. Remember to choose a suction cup specially designed for unblocking the toilet. You will find it in supermarkets and DIY stores, at very low prices. The effectiveness of this technique, however, depends on the nature of the plug that is blocking your toilet or slow draining toilet. If it is too large or too far in the pipe, the suction cup will be of little use. This will also be the case if the obstruction concerns the wastewater collector.

To check if the plug is massive, or located too far, observe the behavior of the water in the bowl. If it stagnates and does not drain at all, you are dealing with a large or poorly placed plug that you are unlikely to dislodge with a suction cup.

How to use the suction cup?

These checks made, take the suction cup in hand. Remember to put on protective gloves, even if the long handle of the suction cup should prevent you from unpleasant contact with sewage. The suction cup must be applied to the opening of the bowl, so that it completely covers it. If the surface of the suction cup covers the hole well, the air should no longer pass. In addition, you must make sure that the rubber part of the instrument is well bathed in water. If this is not the case, do not hesitate to add a little water to the bottom of the bowl. Once in the prescribed position, you will pull the suction cup up, then down. These back-and-forth movements are likened to a kind of pumping, which must cause a call for air. These movements should not be made uniformly or too abruptly. It is best to push the suction cup down quite gently, then pull sharply. You can also hear, by ear, whether the suction cup's work is effective or not. With a little practice, you will easily acquire the right gestures.

If, despite your best efforts, the stopper remains in place, you should not be discouraged. It is often necessary to apply the suction cup several times to the bottom of the bowl to obtain a result. If, after flushing the toilet, the water is draining normally, you have come to the end of the plug. The bowl will probably fill with debris from the stopper, which shows that it has disintegrated. It is therefore a normal consequence of its destruction. You will need to clean the bowl to complete the unblocking operation.

There is another way, comparable to the ferret. This is the drain auger, which due to its shape is often referred to as a snake. This metal pipe, with a small diameter, is longer than the ferret. Like him, it has, at each end, a small hook and a crank, to facilitate intromission in the pipe. Pushed down to the cork, the snake will eventually make it burst. You can even attach a drill to some drain augers. This addition will give them more power.

Another device can be very useful in clearing your pipes, toilets, etc. This is your vacuum cleaner! A regular appliance can do you a favor, but the wet vacuum cleaner plumbing problems, also called "wet and dust", will be more effective. The suction power of these devices, used in construction sites or certain stores, is indeed much greater. Many models are commercially available.

Our advice

Before unblocking, remember to seal the air outlet of your vacuum cleaner , to prevent residues from being projected onto your walls. Hold the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner well or even seal it, with adhesive tape for example, so as not to lose any of the suction force. It is she who will end up grabbing the cork.


Finally, some pressure washers can be very effective. The very powerful jet of water that they will send into your pipe is very likely to unclog it, especially if the plug is located after the siphon.


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