Under Eye Gel for Dark Circle


Dark circles around the eyes are a common concern among women of all ages. The skin under the eyes is the thinnest in the entire body. we should always need to be very gently with it and the veins under the eyes need an extra care and love, so we should always nourished that thinnest part with the eye gel. Eye gel is very light in weight so it is very easy to apply gel under the eyes. Applying eye gel will also helps in keeping that area hydrated and reduces dryness. This eye gel is perfect for the sensitive skin and can be used both day and night. This eye gel is enriched with vitamins and a light-reflecting complex to help minimize under-eye problems and brighten your look. you can also mix very small quantity of aloe vera gel to make this eye gel even more effective.

Tips to use eye gel and skin care

Always use your ring finger to massage with eye gel

Take a pea sized amount of gel

Avoid dragging and rubbing

Always tap small dots while using eye gel

Always remove your makeup especially eye makeup before sleeping

Wear sunglasses and hat to avoid ultraviolet rays to keep the eyes wrinkle free

Drink 8 glasses of water in a day

Sleep for 7-8 hours

Best Under Eye Gel in India

Are you TIRED of eye bags, Dark circle, pufiness and tired looking eyes? Dark circles are making you look older, since the skin under the eyes becomes dark and there are noticeable wrinkles. Now keep all your worries of dark circle and related issues away as this surprisingly rich and nourishing formula is the best eye Gel for puffiness and will have you smiling in no time. The skin under our eyes is extremely sensitive that why demands for some extra care.

Using Eye Gel helps in reducing fine lines and wrinkles and lend healing and anti-inflammatory properties to the skin and also increases the collagen.

It Hydrates well but does not make you feel oily or greasy and at the same time it soothes and moisturize the under eye area very well. Only a little amount needs to be applied each time that makes the product last long. The product is also travel friendly you can also use it after a long tiring day. This eye gel is all natural and contains no harmful chemicals. It instantly cools the under eye area and reduces the puffiness and with time it lightens the under eye area too.

Eye Cream for Dark Circles


Whenever you meet someone and if you are having a clear visible dark circle than immediately they will ask about your health. 

Tried everything to get rid of dark circles under your eyes?

Dark circle making your confidence level low?

This Eye cream is definitely the remedy for your Dark circle.

The reason behind the dark circle is that there is not enough oil in that area. So there isn’t really a natural production of moisture to keep that Delicate skin in good condition. One should always take care under eye area very delicately as it is having the thinnest skin. Eye cream therefore comes to the rescue, helping to nourish the skin, keeping it moisturised, and preventing dullness. They also soften fine lines and make the skin under your eyes look youthful. If you’re new to eye creams or don’t have any specific concerns you’re looking to tackle, hydration is a great place to start. Hydrated skin is less prone to wrinkles and signs of fatigue, and also makes your concealer application way smoother. This eye cream lightens and brightens eye contours. Smothes away dry lines, dark circle and puffiness