Under what circumstances a business can use CEM software


Critical Event Management software can be life-saving for multiple businesses and organisations. Crisis communications need to be quick, efficient and effective. All of this is possible only with the perfect CEM software. 

But, under what circumstances can a business use CEM software?

This is a million-dollar question that every business/organization needs to ask before investing in CEM software. This article can help you find an answer to this question which may lead you to decide on the usage of the CEM software

  1. The number of critical events in the past 12 months

If your business has faced more than 2 critical events in the past 12 months then you are in immediate need of CEM software. Past events can be a strong reason to invest in critical event management software.

  1. Time-sensitive projects 

If you are working on time-sensitive projects that may require immediate attention, it is wise to have CEM software that can handle the situation. Time-sensitive projects will require getting together the right set of people in the shortest time possible. 


Rather than having to do all this manually and waste valuable time, CEM software can do this within a couple of seconds. 

  1. Emergency services

Emergency services like first responders, firefighters, cops, forensic experts, etc… need to be there on the spot as fast as possible. Many of these agencies have their own CEM software. In cases like the ambulance and fire services, there can be multiple duplicate calls originating from the same location. 

For instance, whenever an accident happens in a public place, multiple people call for an ambulance in a panic mode. This call goes to multiple people in the control room and they may dispatch multiple ambulances to the same spot. This can be a waste of crucial resources and may lead to chaos in the accident spot actually. 

These duplications and dispatch issues can be resolved and the whole process can be made efficient with the help of CEM software.

  1. Large scale broadcasts 

Whenever a business needs to communicate with its employees immediately and effectively, CEM software can be a blessing in disguise. Mass notifications and awareness messages regarding certain situations need to be sent out immediately and a CEM software can be effective in doing so. 

  1. Risk analysis

Making a quick decision after a thorough risk analysis can be a time-consuming task and that is where CEM software can come in handy. Especially in businesses that deal with crucial life-altering businesses such as stock markets, risk analysis can be game-changing. As we all know, every second or microsecond in stock markets is gold and they can have serious consequences. 

Banks and NBFCs also conduct multiple rounds of risk analysis before granting huge loans. The time taken to do this can be reduced if CEM software is used for the same purpose. 

Having perfectly calibrated critical event management software can save businesses and give them an edge over their competitors. 

  1. Threat correlation

Correlating threats is a time-intensive and mentally intensive task. When it has to be performed immediately in a matter of seconds, it can be done with the help of CEM software. 

Once the time taken for threat correlation can be reduced, it can obviously lead to efficient processes and better decisions that are timed perfectly. 

  1. Unified communications require a CEM software

If you have multiple teams on the field sending huge amounts of data that need to be compiled and analyzed immediately, you know who to turn to. A CEM software. 

This removes bottlenecks in the overall process and minimizes the need for human interference. 

  1. Security purposes

Right from local police to global spy agencies every law enforcement agency works a lot on time-sensitive and data-sensitive issues. These problems require extreme discretion and accurate data analysis and response. This can only be possible through custom-designed crisis event management software. 

Cybersecurity breaches, social media account hacking, attacks on financial infrastructure, etc… are some practical security situations that require CEM software. 

  1. Requirements of the health infrastructure  

Pandemics such as the ongoing COVID-19 require an immediate and accurate response. Real-time tracking of cases, resource management, logistics are all crucial in the war against deadly diseases. 

These crucial features can be packaged into one all-important CEM software. 

As explained throughout the article, CEM software can be a game-changer while handling a crisis. Even a split second can make a huge difference in intense situations like these. All these circumstances are just the tip of the iceberg. There are tons and tons of other circumstances that may require a quick and accurate response to solve a problem or handle a situation.

A CEM software that handles emergency situations should be reliable and trustworthy. To end up with trustworthy CEM software, it has to be built by the perfect vendor who has an excellent track record. 

We are talking about Zapoj, a pioneer in delivering a CEM software platform for crucial industries. You can have customized CEM software for your business too. All you have to do is visit our website at https://zapoj.com/. 


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