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Understand The Mistakes Of Inexperienced Commercial Roofers - And How To Avoid Hiring Them

Commercial roofing projects can run into the millions. Considering this high cost, decision-makers need to make the best choice for the commercial roofing contractor they hire. Below, we will review some of the ways you can identify if the commercial roofing contractor you are hiring is worth it. After reading this article you can easily hire a good commercial roofing company within no time.

Lacking Proper Knowledge

Residential roofing and commercial roofing are different in many ways. Besides the need for additional materials and tools for commercial projects, the experience needed for commercial roofing is diverse. In reality, many more factors come to play when the project is a giant building than a residential home, even large ones.

Trying To Bid Super Low

Unfortunately, many aspiring commercial roofers accrue their knowledge by bidding on projects far lower than what other companies are doing in the indsutry. This really isn't the risk you want to gamble your new commerical roof on. The upside of getting a low bid can really come back to haunt you when complications crop up due to a lack of foresight and knowledge.

Missing The Correct Licenses & Insurance 

You'd be surprised how many companies land projects to do commercial roofing work that doesn't hold the correct license and insurance to do so. This can become a gigantic issue down the road if the project does not go well. Therefore, it's a good idea to review that they do indeed have both a commercial roofing license and insurance prior to working with them.


Commercial roofers with years of experience should have numerous examples to show you successful roofing projects. And there should feature jobs akin to what yours is. It's comfortating to know you are working with a very experienced roofing contractor.

Samples Or References

A roofing contractor will usually have a portfolio of different projects they've completed, and they should be willing to show you these. If you're just starting out in the roofing business, ask for samples and references. They can show you pictures of completed roofing projects. These are often available on the contractor's website.

The best way to understand how well a contractor will work is to see the examples of their completed work. Most contractors include photos of their finished projects on their websites, which you can look up. You will be able to judge how good a roofer is based on their samples and references.

Customers Reviews

Search for testimonials about the contractor you're interested in. Online reviews are a great way to learn about that roofing contractor. If you want to get an idea of how other people that he has worked with feel about the contractor, simply do a Google search for "roofing contractor's name + online.

It's much easier to search for roofing contractor feedback online than to call people and ask them how satisfied they are with the company. Online reviews are a great way to learn about contractors' backgrounds and performance in the past.

Warranty For Roofing

If you plan on getting a new roof installed, it's crucial to inquire about the contractor's guarantee.  Most reputable contractors offer an installation warranty that guarantees their workmanship for a certain period of time.

This is important to know whether the contractor provides a warranty. The two warranties you'll want to pay attention to with regards to roofing are the workmanship warranty and the manufacturer warranty. A good contractor provides a warranty of both manufacturer and workmanship.

It's important to have both types of protection. Having a workmanship warranty protects you against installation mistakes. At the same time, you want to make sure that contractors are providing quality materials that do not have defects.

Contractor Physical Address

Make sure a contractor has a physical address you can visit in case you need help with anything anytime. If the contractor’s office is far away or their address is not specified, that can be a major cause for concern.

Don’t choose a contractor who is hard to get in touch with. A contractor without an office near you is likely to be unreliable. If your contractor isn’t willing to provide you with a physical address, consider moving on.

What Is Their Reputation Like? 

Reputation is paramount. Regardless of how experienced they are, bad people are bad people. If the company you consider hiring has a poor online reputation, then move on to the next. You can get a good understanding of the company's reputation from searching sites like Google, Yelp, and the BBB.  Be sure to see their response to bad reviews, it can really enlighten you to whether a company is honorable or not.

You should only select a commercial roofing company that checks off all the requirements discussed above. Don't settle for companies with a bad reputation or who lack expertise. It will be relatively easy to spot the right company to hire when you understand what you're looking for.

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