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Understand What Are Cannabinoids

You might be an active, moderate, or casual CBD consumer; or you can also be pondering on whether to consume CBD or not. In all the cases, it would help if you gain an in-depth understanding of the entire Cannabinoids group, of which cannabidiol (CBD) is a member so that you know what you are consuming and from where that comes.

What are Cannabinoids?

Cannabinoids are a group of fatty compounds found in the hemp plant. These are the primary chemical compounds produced by the plant and are referred to as phytocannabinoids. These compounds play essential roles in the functioning of the central nervous system and maintaining the immunity of the human body. The hemp plant produces more than 80 types of cannabinoids, out of which CBD is widely known. Studies show that your body gets a sound effect when all the compounds work together rather than only CBD working alone. 

Difference Between CBD and Marijuana

Along with the facts about CBD, it would also help if you understand the difference between hemp and marijuana. Both are not the same, and the difference arises from the THC content. Hemp contains 0.3% THC as the maximum, and that is found in higher quantities in marijuana.

CBD Popularity

As more and more people are turning towards CBD to support their health, it is gaining popularity. The benefits of CBD consumption include calmness, relief from everyday stress, better sleep, among others. 

CBD Products

If you are looking to buy CBD products in the UK, you should also know the wide range of products is prepared from CBD, such as:

Full Spectrum Oil: After extraction from the Hemp plant, CBD is immersed into a carrier oil, resulting in the full spectrum oil.

Crystal Isolate: CBD is separated from all other cannabinoids after extraction.

CBD Vape Oil: CBD, in the form of full-spectrum oil or crystal isolate, is vaporized with the help of a vape pen for inhaling.

Things to Look At Before Purchasing

If you tend to buy CBD products from the very first source you come across, then ditch the practice once and for all. It is a very bad practice. You perhaps are yet to know that the CBD is an unregulated market. And there are many sellers who have entered the market to take advantage of the growing demand for the products. Studies have shown that the CBD market in the UK will reach to around Euro 1 billion per year by 2025 from the current value of Euro 300 million.

But not all of them sell quality products. As such, there are plenty of sub-standard products in the marketplace. 

At the same time, most sellers show mind provoking ads with false claims to lure customers. In such a competitive environment, you might come under their provocation and end-up buying the wrong product--and that is something you need to avoid. 

So, look out for a trusted brand before purchasing. And check out whether its products are tested in third-party labs.

If you have become anxious to know what all CBD products exist, refer to the infographic in this post to understand about all CBD products.

 Image Source

CBD Guide and its Different Product Types Infographic


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