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Understand Youtube Analytics To Start Your Brand’s Youtube Channel

Starting a YouTube channel for your business and promote Youtube channel for free to get more views and subscriber. - your main aims are to use that channel to provide useful content, to engage with customers, gain more visibility, and to grow that channel. For this, you need to use the YouTube Analytics dashboard and monitor some major metrics. You may also look out for the best YouTube video promotion services to grow your channel in a short span of time.

The Major Youtube Analytics Metrics To Watch

The idea behind starting a YouTube channel for your business is to leverage this platform to connect with your existing and potential customers. For that, you need to create useful content and see that it reaches your target audience. 

Using the analytics dashboard, you can get a lot of data about your videos and its reach. This helps you learn what’s working well and what’s not. So, what are the important metrics you should look at?

 Viewership Metrics

These metrics allow you to see the number of views, watch time, traffic sources, viewer demographics, etc.

Views and Watch Time

The number of views your videos have received is taken as a common indicator of the video’s popularity.  However, because of doubtful tactics like clickbait, YouTube attaches more importance to another metric, Watch Time - how long the video was watched after the user clicked-through. Views and watch time together can give you an overall idea of how popular your content is. 

Keep track of your watch time to understand how much genuine traffic your videos receive

Audience Retention 

This metric measures audience engagement with your YouTube videos. You can get Absolute Audience Retention report or Relative Audience Retention report. The Relative report compares the performance of your video against other videos of similar length, which might be useful in some cases.

The Absolute Audience Retention report shows whether viewers watched a video through to the end, whether they dropped out in the middle or whether they skipped over some sections. 

Analyze your videos to understand what you’re doing right or what you’re wrong. 


This metric lets you see the age group and gender that forms the major percentage of the audience. If this report shows the viewership is from your intended target audience, you’re doing great. On the other hand, if you want a balanced gender-viewership, but your current audience is skewed towards men then you need to make some changes. You could modify your content to make it more appealing to women too. You can also adjust your content for the specific age group that you want to attract based on the data you get from the demographics metric.

Traffic Sources and Playback Locations

The traffic source metric shows you whether your viewers are watching your videos through YouTube advertising, channel pages or external sources. Apart from the number of views you’re getting, you can also see other data like watch time, average view duration, etc. These together allow you to get a better idea of the quantity and quality of viewership you’re getting from each source. This helps you determine if you should concentrate more on optimizing for viewership within YouTube or focus on external audience.

Real-Time Analytics

You can see how your recently uploaded videos are performing through the Real-Time Analytics section. This shows your views over the past 48 hours and also over the last 60 minutes. If you spot any spikes in viewership during this period, it may mean that your video has been shared on another site. This gives you an opportunity to find where your video has been posted and engage with your audience on that platform.

Relationship Metrics

These Metrics help you understand how engaged your audience is with your channel:

Likes and Dislikes

Likes and dislikes are quick and effective ways for viewers to express an opinion on your videos without commenting. If your video is on a polarising topic, you will definitely get a lot of dislikes from those who are on the other side of the fence. Likes and dislikes should be looked at in proportion. If you’re getting a large proportion of dislikes, you need to determine if your content is not of high quality or if you’re attracting the wrong kind of audience and modify your content and/or marketing strategy.

Subscriber Rate

This section shows subscriber fluctuation rates for your channel. The reports also show how particular videos have gained or lost subscribers. By analyzing the content of these videos you can see what you’ve done right (or wrong). You can modify the content in the videos that have lost subscribers, or you can insert call-to-action cards, or use other methods to retain viewer attention. 

 Social Shares

Social shares are an easy way to extend the reach of a channel. The Sharing section shows how, when, and where your videos are being shared, not just social media but also other sharing apps. This metric tracks ‘content shared’ by measuring the number of times the ‘Share’ button was clicked. You can find the sites/apps on which your content is shared the most. You can then increase your presence and engagement on those platforms to extend your reach.


It’s essential that you reply to a few selected comments on your videos to interact with your audience. You also need to focus on increasing meaningful participation in community discussions on your channel.

You can directly engage with your audience in the comment section of youtube

It’s also important to read and moderate comments. As YouTube is an open platform that anyone can comment on, there can be many inflammatory and derogatory comments, hurting the sentiments of your viewers. You also need to watch the comments section to report spam and abuse to YouTube. Watching and moderating the comments section can help make your channel a safe and pleasant place for your viewers.

After starting a YouTube channel, you need to constantly work on improving the content and user engagement. YouTube gives you a lot of data through the various sections of the Analytics dashboard. You can gain insights into your channel’s performance and how you can grow your channel by understanding this data.

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