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Understanding Coral In Relation To Native American Jewelry

Coral has been used widely to make Native American necklaces, earrings, finger rings and other types of Native American jewelry. The red color symbolizes a lot of concepts to Native Americans. Some Native Americans associate the red color with blood, war, violence, strength, happiness, beauty and happiness. A lot of Native Americans have used red to color lightning and thunderbird depictions. It has been used to represent speed and power.

The coming of the Europeans

When the Europeans started to trade blood coral that had an intense red color with the Native Americans about six hundred years ago, the blood coral became a very important item of trade between the Europeans and the Native Americans.

Going back in history

Before you buy Native American Necklaces made of coral, it is important to understand a little bit of history. When you go back as far as thirty thousand years ago, the Stone Age people made use of the coral to decorate burial vaults and it was also used by Egyptians. Blood coral is found in the Mediterranean Sea. The arrival of Europeans into America is what led to the Native Americans to interact with red coral for the first time.

Before the arrival of the Spanish to America, Native Americans used argillite to decorate and accent their clothing and jewelry with red. However, Argillite has a very dull red color compared to blood coral so Native Americans substituted it for coral quickly once it became available to them.

Different types of coral

There are different types of Coral used to make Native American necklaces and other types of Native American jewelry. However, Pink coral and Blood coral draw the highest price in the market. Also, corals come in a wide range of colors such as blush pale, blue, orange, rose, black, deep red and white.

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