Understanding Data Science And Why Choose It For Your Career?


Data Science is a revolutionary technology that has been the talk of the IT industry for quite some time. Named as the sexiest job of the 21st century, it is mostly a buzzword for many. Only a handful of people have an idea of what the field actually entails. In this article, we will help you understand Data Science and provide reasons for why you should choose it as your career.


Introduction to Data Science


As the name suggests, Data Science is the study of data. It involves extraction, analysis, visualization, storing, and management of data for creating insights. Through these valuable insights, companies are able to make data-driven decisions. 



Data Science is a huge field that uses structured as well as unstructured data. This multidisciplinary field has its root in computer science, math, and statistics. Because of the huge demand and a lucrative pay scale, it has become one of the most highly sought-after jobs in the IT industry. Now that you have a basic understanding of what the field is, let’s discuss why Data Science Courses are in demand:


  • High demand - Today, as more and more companies are trying to harness the power of data, Data Science has greatly increased in demand. The fastest-growing job in LinkedIn is predicted to create about 11.5 million jobs by the year 2026. This makes the field a highly-employable job sector. It is expected that the size of the field will occupy one-third of the IT market from the current one-tenths. All organizations, from small startups to Fortune 500 companies, are clamoring to find data scientists that can work on understanding data, synthesizing it, and communicating the results in a way that is beneficial to the company. Through this, management is able to make better business decisions.

  • An abundance of Positions - The gap between the demand and supply of data scientists is huge right now. There are only a few people with the required skill set for becoming a Data Scientist. This is why the field is less saturated than in other IT sectors. Data Science is a vast field with a lot of opportunities. Whether you are at the freshers level or the manager level, there is a shortage of data scientists at all levels. Now that the IT sector is on the verge of change, many middle-level professionals and managers across different domains are facing career growth stagnant. Currently, the way of overcoming career stagnation is Data Science.

  • Highly-paid job - Data Scientists are among the highest paid professionals in the IT field. According to Glassdoor, the average annual income of a Data Scientist is about $116,100 making it a highly-lucrative career option. Data Science is still relatively new. This is why organizations are unable to find professionals with the right experience. So, professionals from different streams and domains have the opportunity to upskill by learning Data Science.

  • Versatility - Data Science has found applications in several fields including banking, e-commerce, healthcare, and consultancy services. Because of the versatility offered by Data Science, it offers an opportunity to work in different fields. Apart from your choice of domain, you will also have an opportunity to work in any part of the world. You can even work for NGOs and the government.

  • Makes Data better - Organizations need data scientists for processing and analyzing their data. However, their job is more than just data analysis. They also have to improve the data. It is the job of a data scientist to enrich data and make it better for the company.

  • Highly Prestigious job - With the help of Data Scientists, companies can make smarter business decisions. Organizations rely on them and their expertise for providing better results to the clients. This makes Data scientists an important position in the industry.

  • No more boring work - Through Data Science, industries are automating redundant tasks. Historical data is being used for training machines so that they can perform repetitive tasks. This simplifies the arduous jobs that were undertaken by humans before.

  • Makes products smarter - Machine Learning is used in Data Science as well. This allows the industries to develop better products that are customized according to the experience of the customers. For example, most e-commerce websites use a recommendation system that provides personalized insights based on the historical purchases of the user. This has allowed computers to get an understanding of human behavior and make decisions that are driven by data.

  • Easy job hunting - As mentioned above, the industry has a shortage of data scientists. There is also a lack of competition because of data science being a relatively new field. An expert data scientist and an entry-level data scientist will only have a few years of experience gap. This makes the field great for career growth. There are not enough skilled data science professionals to meet the high demand in the market. So, it will be comparatively easy to find a job in the domain.

  • Saves lives - Thanks to Data Science, the healthcare sector has significantly improved. The advent of Machine Learning has made detecting early-stage tumors easier. Several healthcare industries are using Data Science for helping their clients.

  • Makes you better - Data Science is not only a great option for your career, but also for your personal growth. Working in the field will help in developing a problem-solving attitude. As a Data Scientist, you will be a bridge connecting IT and Management. So, you will get the best of both worlds. 

  • Several training options - Today, students have access to several data science training options that they can use for upgrading their skills. In fact, the training is available in different modes as well like self-paced, classrooms, and online.

It is clear that Data Science has made a huge impact on almost every industry. If you want to make a career in this field, now is the right time to get started with the help of Data Science courses!

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