Understanding Microsoft 70-410 Exam: Why It’s Important to Your IT Career and How Practice Tests Are Helpful



Succeeding in your preferred career is dependent on the competencies you have. The IT world demands that professionals be well equipped with both solid knowledge and hands-on skills to stay competitive in the market and be able to implement effective practical solutions in the tech field. Such specialists are greatly valued and enjoy a number of benefits at their workplace as well as always have a place to grow in their career. For that reason, IT giants such as Microsoft offer various certifications to help the specialists always stay informed about the latest updates in the sphere and thus remain demanded.

Microsoft provides credentials and exams related to plenty of its products, technologies, and job-roles. If you need skills to design and implement a server infrastructure, you’ll know why passing the Microsoft 70-410 test is essential to your career and how you can pass it from your first attempt using practice tests.

General Exam Overview

The Microsoft 70-410 exam is created to equip you with the much-needed skills for designing, implementing, and maintaining a Windows Server 2012 infrastructure in a highly virtualized, enterprise scaled environment. It’s for those who desire to obtain the MCSE (Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert) certification in Core Infrastructure. In addition, 70-410 is one of the five exams listed on the Microsoft official website from which you can choose the one to pass.

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Important 70-410 Exam Details

What should you know about 70-410 exam? You should be ready to answer 40-60 questions within 150 minutes. The questions provided will be formatted differently. Thus, you might get case studies, active screen, best answer, multiple-choice, short answer, fill-in-the-blank, active screen, drag-and-drop, and review screen among other question types, and you need to earn at least 700 points from 1000 to pass it. Also, before taking this exam you need to pay $165 as part of the registration process.

Exam 70-410: Skills Measured

As for the skills tested, find the following below:

  • Planning and deployment of a server framework;
  • Network architecture services design and implementation;
  • Designing as well as implementing network-based access services;
  • Active Directory architecture (logical and physical) design and implementation.

So, passing 70-410 test and getting MCSE certified, means enjoying a number of benefits, as well as getting wider career opportunities.

Why Exam 70-410 is Important to Your IT Career?

Now, let’s find the reason how exactly taking the Microsoft 70-410 exam can help you.

  1. This exam tests your knowledge and skills

The goal of Microsoft in administering exams to professionals is to help them know if they have mastered the knowledge and skills they’ve been pursuing. 70-410 exam evaluates your ability to carry out specific technical tasks in the Windows Server 2012. Passing the test is a prove that you are competent in the topics you’ve been tested on.

  • Passing exam demonstrates hard work and resilience

Technical exams aren’t easy to study for and pass. The preparation process takes much time and effort, which means you have to sacrifice a lot to achieve your goal. Thus, when you take and pass the exam, you demonstrate hard work and resilience. This is going to be a plus for you when seeking for a job since potential employers won’t hesitate to take someone who has already shown they can apply dedication to whatever they want to achieve.

  • Prepares you for leading technical roles

To prepare for 70-410 exam, you must pass through intensive study. This includes attending courses, practicing with exam dumps and hands-on labs, and revising with study guides. All this process will help you develop the skills required to perform your role as a technical personnel in your organization. The exam will prepare you to function in roles such as administrator, computer support specialist, architect, and information security analyst. As soon as you pass your exam, you’re going to successfully fit in any of these critical IT jobs.

  • You achieve a prestigious IT certification

Success in your career isn’t just about earning any certification. There’s also the aspect of who has certified you because the company that awards you the credential matters a lot as you look for a job. Microsoft is well-known all over the world for offering leading certifications. So, a professional certified by them is going to be accepted more than one certified by another organization. The MCSE: Core Infrastructure badge that you attain from Microsoft is prestigious and will play a big role in how you get accepted by employers.

  • It’s a sure way to get a well-paying job

These days, certifications are considered highly by employing managers and organizations. The MCSE you gain after passing the Microsoft exam 70-410 will boost your chances of getting a well-paying job. Your credential will act as a witness to the kind of employee or professional you’re. As a professional with an MCSE, you qualify to earn an annual average salary of $102,000 as Payscale reports.

How Practice Tests Are Helpful

Becoming a successful professional begins with getting good grades in 70-410 exam. So, firstly, you need to consider choosing the right approach when preparing to take the test. It isn’t easy reaching the pass mark, but with practice tests, you can manage to do so.

As you search online for the valid 70-410 mock tests to use, you’re going to meet several websites providing them and might get confused. To make your work easier, we recommend you to choose Prepaway. From this site, you can download free vce files with questions and answers or even purchase a Premium Bundle. The bundle containing practice test, video lessons, and a study guide will cost you $39.97. The premium tests from this website are reliable and helpful and cover the objectives of the exam as are verified by IT experts, while free questions and answers are shared by the recent test-takers. Before you practice them, you’ll have to download the VCE Exam Simulator, which helps you experience a testing environment that is exactly like that in the actual test. Using it in your prep process gives you an idea of the exam structure, helps to find the strategy to tackle various types of questions and equips you with time management skills.


The benefit of using the right study resources to prepare for the Microsoft 70-410 exam includes passing your test and getting ready for a fruitful IT career. With the correct studying materials, the MCSE: Core Infrastructure credential will soon be one of the things enriching your CV. Take your time to revise for the test with reliable practice tests, hone your skills and pass the exam from the first attempt. When you do this, none of your efforts will go unrewarded.

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