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Understanding Power Surges and How to Protect Your Business


If you own a business and have ever found yourself in complete silence and darkness, you know just how vital power and surge protection really is. Your lights, AC, and computers are all turned off. You try to figure out what is going on while worrying about all the unsaved data on your network and the clients you lose each minute you don’t have electricity. A solution for this is commercial level surge protection for your business. With this in place, you can avoid being left in the dark.


Power surges occur when excessive electrical voltage hits your electric circuit. While most surges last for only a few seconds – or less – they can cause a lot of damage to your electrical equipment. It’s clear that power surges are a big deal.


A commercial power surge can cause several thousand dollars (or more) in damages if you don’t have the proper protection in place. By investing in surge protection now, you can invest in a lot of issues down the road. Please keep reading to learn more about surge protection for your business and how beneficial it is.

Common Causes of Power Surges

While power surges only last for a few seconds, they can pack a serious punch. The excessive voltage may be caused by an oversupply from specific sources, such as the mains supplies or generators. A surge may also be caused by particular faults, like those that include load switching or equipment.


When the higher than normal voltage reaches your appliances and equipment, the results can cause severe issues and damages. Larger equipment that demands a lot of power, such as elevators or HVAC systems, may cause a surge when they turn off or on.

The Reason to be Worried about Power Surges

If a power surge occurs, it can have a huge and lasting impact on your business. It may lead to expensive downtime, the loss of information or data, and money that must be spent on repairing or replacing your assets and equipment. A power surge is also a concern for homeowners, but the stakes are typically much higher when you own a business.


A surge can also cause dangerous and expensive consequences for many systems, including large-scale machinery, elevators, fire devices, security systems, and your HVAC unit. Additionally, your insurance will not always cover the repair and replacement costs for surge related damages. Usually, you must add power surge protection to your insurance plan.

Along with causing damage to your systems and devices, transient voltages may ruin your business’s outlets and cause electrical fires. Unfortunately, power surges are unavoidable and are not something you can control. However, you can control how much protection you have in place for your appliances and equipment. It is a good idea to hire a commercial electrician to ensure your property remains protected from this danger and that you have a source of uninterrupted, stable power.


Surge Protection for Your Business

It does not matter if you own a smaller, family business or a larger, multinational corporation, installing a safe and efficient electrical safety system is essential. With electrical surge protection, there are a few options. A licensed electrician can provide you with advice and install the right choice for your needs and situation. They will also help ensure your property and equipment are safe, even though power fluctuations are inevitable. The surge protectors can also help to regulate the flow of power to provide problem-free electrical usage. The surge protection device can be installed on your electric panel or meter. It will divert or prevent high voltage over a specific threshold that may be supplied to electric devices if a surge occurs.


Protecting Your Business

There are many ways your business may be damaged or suffer losses. Protecting your business means that you consider every incident that may occur, including power surges. Being prepared and investing in surge protection will pay off and protect your business from excessive power.


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