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Understanding the On-the-job Training & How It Is Beneficial for Students

Training On The Job In India

On-the-job training is exactly what the word implies, i.e. obtaining training in a normal working set-up. This on the job training is obtained through direct instruction & under supervision, where the trainees undergo one-on-one instruction with someone who is expert at doing it, at the workplace or the actual site of the job.

On-the-job training is usually given or conducted in order to teach the newly-hired employees how to accomplish their tasks and assigned activities, and it begins right from the moment they have been introduced to the company.

Thus, each individual is the recipient of direct instruction. For instance, since the time we've been born well into our childhood, we have been learning things directly from or parents or guardians by simply looking at things and understanding them. This is the most basic example of learning from direct instruction, and on-the-job training works in a similar manner.

So, the purpose of giving training on the job in India is to prepare the candidate for a job position. The instruction and hands-on practice they receive as a part of the training helps them to develop the skills, competencies and knowledge they need to carry out a job role in the company. Therefore, post completion of this training it is expected that the candidate will be able to perform most/all of the tasks for that position efficiently without supervision.

What Is On-the-job Training for Students?

Students, especially those who've just completed their 12th or graduation don't have any previous experience in a certain role or industry, so for them, on-the-job training will be really beneficial. There are some work-integrated courses that provide on the job training to students right after completing their 12th as a part of their course to prepare them for a job role at an early age. Other than this, some students may also take extensive on-the-job training after completing their graduation. No matter what the case is whether you are getting on-the-job training right after your 12th or after completing your graduation, it will help you to get hands-on experience in your desired career path.

In addition to learning practical procedures & skills for their job role, students will also get to learn general workplace standards. This typically includes professional norms such as dress code, company hierarchy, productivity expectations, industry jargon and professional relationships with the co-workers.

Effective on-the-job training can provide comprehensive job preparation to new employees; this enables them to succeed in their job role & maintain a productive workplace. This also helps in keeping the employees motivated.

Some of the most significant benefits of on-the-job training for employees have been summarized below:

  • Skill Development: Most employees find these on-the-job training to be more engaging as they increase their interest in learning. Also, as a new employee in on-the-job training, you may also become invested in your job role as you develop the skills that looked like a challenge to you.
  • Improved Retention: Candidates are also more likely to retain the information that they learn while they're trained in a hands-on setting. Thus, this training can contribute to improved job performance & satisfaction as the employees are more likely to feel confident and competent at work.
  • Team Atmosphere: These types of training tend to put you in close contact with your peers and supervisors right from the beginning. Therefore, that'll help you to better understand your co-workers and get a better sense of the work culture in which you will be working.

Therefore, on-the-job training helps in advancing your career and making you a more skilled employee. So, look for courses that provide on-the-job training after you've completed your 12th!

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