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Unified Communications. Why Are More Businesses Embracing It?

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Most companies find it challenging to meet the growing demands of modern business to retain an edge over the competition. How will business success come? Agility and adaptation to changes in the macro-environment is the answer. A unified communication solution is a step in the direction and but there are issues: 

·        How to replace the existing tech?

·        Whether to go for a cloud-first strategy

·        How to cross the organisational silos

·        Will it support global expansion?

·        Can employees work with flexibility?

·        Will offices need to be relocated or resized?

What Benefits Will Be Realized? 

·        Productivity. It enables your team to collaborate more closely. Various team members can work on one document simultaneously. They can share ideas, add comments, which reduces the time wasted in exchanging emails and messages. Teams of any size can make discussions in real-time using the applications. For instance, Skype participants can be added to conversations. The team can change the mode from chat to video anytime they want. The solution enables users to create chat groups, work on documents collaboratively. It also allows users to meet, message and make calls at any time, from any device, helping individuals and teams to work smarter. Avaya UCAAS is a solution that many companies use. 

·        Business agility & expansion. Unified Communications offers the latest communication and collaboration tools. In this way, your business remains up to date. It also ensures that you are handling the need for the digital age. Several products are rolled into a single user-friendly interface. It leads to quick integration when a new company is acquired or expands to new geographies. It allows seamless collaboration between teams across the globe. 

·        Flexibility. It is another benefit of Unified Communication. Your business is ready and flexible and reacts to unforeseen events. Even in case of a disaster, there is no loss of productivity. A unified communication solution ensures that these events don’t disrupt the entire day. Your employees can send a message, make calls, conduct online meetings from wherever they are. Distance is not an effective barrier to collaboration.  The solution offers increased flexibility and enables teams to work remotely. It also means a better work-life balance amongst them. Your team is not restricted to the office environment alone.  The solution also integrates their mobile phone into the office phone system. So, they quickly answer teams members, customers, wherever they are. Instant messaging empowers the team members to communicate with their colleagues freely and discuss projects without any hindrance. Using video conferencing, employees can hold face-to-face meetings with colleagues or clients from wherever they are. It builds a strong rapport without any need for a personal meeting. 

·        Reduced costs. When you upgrade your old communication tech to a cloud-based phone system, it enables the employees. Now they can connect their smartphones to the company cloud phone system and use VoIP to make calls. Making calls over the internet reduces costs. You do not have to pay network provider costs. Instead, the UC services provider will bill you at the end of the month. Implementing cloud-based services is inexpensive to install. There is no need for expensive hardware. The cost of installation, maintenance, training employees about using different hardware systems and employing an IT team on-premise is not applicable. A key benefit is that your business can make savings on travel reimbursement costs.

·        Improved internal collaboration. Unified communication solution offers instant messaging, calendar updates, screen-sharing, audio and video conferencing. These all are designed to make collaboration between team members seamless. 


Whether you go for Avaya UCAAS or any other solution, these benefits will be realized.

prrajput Pooja is a digital marketing professional. Presently, he is an incredibly passionate about software, technology, website design, paid marketing, and content marketing and other technical topics.
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