Tuesday, October 3, 2023
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Unique Essay Topics For College Students

While some college students appreciate that they have the liberty to choose the topic others find it challenging. This is where they feel the need to buy a college essay. Today in this blog, we will solve the problem of choosing a topic by displaying a huge list with different categories.


Are you ready to explore? Let’s go!


Personal Character and Experience

  • Describe your latest adventure and how it changed you?
  • Do you think Adolf Hitler was a great leader? Elaborate on Yes or No.


Gender Issues

  • Is Machismo even a real thing? Do you believe it?
  • Is gender bias is affecting the economy of your country?


Everyday Life

  • In ancient times children were born in wedlock. Do you think it was a healthy practice?
  • Choose your favourite sports player and describe what you like about them the most?


Visual Art

  • Why did the Renaissance happen? What are peculiarities during Post-Modernism?
  • What was Da Vinci’s inspiration? Explain his thought process?




  • How fast-food chains can cause child obesity?
  • What is healthy eating and how is it different from normal eating?



  • How Does workplace diversity lead to conflict? What policies do HR enforce to control it?
  • What Do issues exist when a corporate culture involves huge cultural diversity?



  • What’s your take on honour killing? How society should be educated about the subject?
  • Domestic violence is common against children and women? Why laws are not able to control the scenario?



  • Do you think the distribution of resources in society is fair? Who are the main regulators behind?
  • Do you think Illuminati exist even in the current era?
  • Was Neil Armstrong really the first man to walk on the moon?


Historical or famous people

  • Is Barack Obama a notable figure? What qualities of him make him one of the most like president?
  • What do you think about Nikola Tesla’s contribution? Do you think his inventions made a difference?


College Life

  • Which of your bad habits affect your academic results the most?
  • Write about one of your life-changing experiences in college and how it made you know more about you?



  • Do you think plastic pollution is burdening our earth massively? What measures are being taken to control it?
  • Do you think it high time world should about sustainable practices and lifestyle or it's too late already?



Hope this huge list of topics is sufficient and will do the needful when you need it. Next time you get an essay you can save tons of time by choosing a topic of interest from this list. In case you feel your category or interest is missing you can reach ask us to write my essay and we can help you figure it out.




Daniel Zayas
Daniel Zayas
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