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Unique Indian Spices that Added Flavour to World Cuisine

The unique Indian spices are well-known across the globe for their amazing aroma and flavor. There are many ways to use these spices in savory dishes and desserts. Some spices and herbs can be traced back to ancient India, while others came along with travelers to make this land it's homeTherefore, here we have listed some unique spices that can blend with your dishes to be appeasing and aromatic. So go through these spices and know why it is so famous across the world.

1. Pathar ka Phool (Stone Flower)

One of the rare Indian spices is Pathar ka Phool. It belongs to the fungus family and grows on the bark of a tree. It adds an earthy taste to your dishes, especially when you add it to meat dishes. It has been used in multiple dishes across cultures. In India, Mughlai food recipes add this spice to authentic dishes like Biryani. 

2. Sauf

Sauf or fennel is a slightly sweeter spice that adds a different flavor kick to our dishes. It is commonly used as a mouth freshener. Indian kitchens have spread their uses in many dishes, and it has become an integral part of Indian cushiness. This is a vital element of panch-phoran (mix of five spices) spice as well. This has traveled across the globe and found new recipes to fit in.

3. Methi

Methi or Fenugreek is a medical spice that is very useful and flavourful usage. We use its fresh and dried leave and seeds. All these can be used for various Indian dishes. It has a little bitter flavor, yet it adds to the aromatic flavor overall. Most creative bakers have used this spice for dessert as well, so you can see how far it has traveled in the world!

4. Saffron

Saffron is considered an expensive and rare spice that is hard to harvest. It is found in cold weather conditions, and each crimson-red thread is the stigma of a flower. This spice has a unique fragrance and color. In fact, the name of saffron color comes after this spice. You can add this amazing spice to make your dishes upgrade to the next level.

5. Star Anise

A star-shaped spice is not of Indian origin, but it seems like it was made for Indian dishes. The flavor adds to the taste of rice or meat. You can use this star-shaped pod seed to upgrade. It has incredible medicinal benefits. You can use this spice next time which cooking various dishes.

6. Nutmeg

Nutmeg is majorly a winter spice. It heats the body temperature when taken in a larger proportion. The nutmeg powder or the chunk can be used in the cuisines. The nutmeg oils are full of medicinal properties, and it is commonly used in India.

7. Mace

Mace is a flavourful spice with lots of heat in it. You can use the spice to increase the taste and flavor. The leaves and blades of the spice are also used in different ways. You can buy good quality Mace from an online marketplace like Amazon pantry. The good news is, you can use amazon pantry offers and get a great discount on your purchase.

8. Cinnamon

The stick spice- Cinnamon is a well-known spice all across the globe. You can find it in various forms and types. You can use it in savory dishes and desserts. This spice is integral Indian species for Indians. 

9. Hing

Hing or Asafoetida is one of the most used spices in India. You can use it with pulses and any dishes which promote acidity. Just use it with the sizzling oil, which adds to the benefits of various health issues.

10. Poppy Seed

Poppyseed is another spice that is most commonly used in Bengali Cuisines. It adds to the creamy flavor and thick curry. Add this with various vegetables or fish dishes and see the difference from regular dishes. In Hindi, it is called posto or posta.

11. Sesame seed

The sesame seed is a great Ayurveda spice that is used majorly in early winters. In India, we have a festival which is best known for Sesame seed dessert. So you must have these global spice in your pantry.


India is the land of spices, and hence it is known to be the food destination for spicy food lovers. Many came up with a variety of dishes from different cultures, and you will be surprised to know how a bitter spice can also be used in bother savory main course dishes as well as sweet sides.

This age of cooking focuses on the infusion of spices cross cuisines, so why don't you join the club and create new tasteful, unique dishes with unique Indian spices. In this blog, we have covered eleven Indian spices, so go through it to know more about each spice.




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