Unique places to visit in Armenia?


Have you ever been to Armenia? If no then read this article. This city is located in western Asia and is well known for enthralling scenic views between the hills and mountains. The city born in ancient times is famous for its old history, the craggy landscapes and the rich culture.

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So, we begin our researches:


This place is the largest in the city of Armenia and makes a great place to spend your whole day outing. It is a home for the grand Republic Square worth climbing the Cascade to overview the city's monument to Soviet victory in the Second World War. Visit the Armenian Genocide Memorial to know about the city's rich history that makes the city more watchable. Also, visit the nearby Vernissage flea market opened at the weekend and relish the small walks through the Hrazdan gorge. The most of the Armenia offering sightseeing are to be explored during day trips. Have a tour of this stunning area and take away the precious memory along with you.

Shikahogh State Reserve

This being the second largest forest reserve in Armenia is still unchanged to explore the large parts. The forest has many animals to be watched like leopards, bears, vipers, wild goats and much other wildlife that have natural habitat here. This national Reserve has about 1,100 species of flora and are worth exploring. 

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Lake Sevan

This famous and pretty large lake is found in the heart of Armenia and is the largest lake in the city. It is surrounded by some huge monasteries making this place the most impressive of all. This includes the famous Sevanavank Monastery that provides a glorious scenic environment. Here you will find Windsurfing, which is a recreation activity and source of excellent seafood restaurants. This beautiful Lake Sevan includes popular beaches and has become a favorite place for sunbathing in Armenia.

Have many pictures with the background of this enthralling lake view and get it added in your lifetime memories.

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Dilijan national park

This city has four national parks, and this Dilijan national park is the most famous park among all. It is the most beautiful of the lovely quartet that was established in 2002. This stunning national park owns some famous medicinal mineral water springs and natural monuments. Many important cultural locations are located near this national park, and the list includes Haghartsin Monastery, JukhtakVank, Goshavank Monastery, the Matosavank Monastery, and many more.

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Mount Aragats

If you crave some serene natural beauty in this city, then Mount Aragats is the right place for you to visit. This place is the most stunning natural sight, with the dormant volcano nestled in the country's north. Being the highest peak in the city, this tall peak houses many rock arts that are must-see at its base. Capture the most iconic paintings of animals and human-like figures that are dating back hundreds of years. The rugged space of the mountain is covered by snow almost all year. Enjoy trekking here during July, August and September months on the southernmost of the four peaks, which is the easiest to climb.

Lake Arpi

This another lake in the city is famous for its wide habitat of over 100 species of birds. The lake attracts a huge crowd during the peak tourist season and offers the most relaxing place in this city. This lake also serves a commercial purpose and is used for irrigation and hydropower production. This lake is also a source of the Akhurian River and a newly developed park to protect the natural environment.

Travel the city with great zeal and enthusiasm as the city holds many engraved beauties that need to be explored.

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