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Unique Places to visit in Dubbo?

Dubbo is a beautiful city in the Orana Region of Australia. This place is suitable for explorers and its culture makes it more attractive. Europeans first settled Dubbo in 1818 and credit goes to John Oxley who was a prominent colonial explorer. He investigated and surveyed the area. Many of the region's monuments and early structures have names originating from native languages. If you are planning to visit this place, here are some unique and attractive places to visit in Dabboo.

Farmer Market:

It is Dubbo's most popular regional event and a tremendously popular farmers' market that takes place every first and third Saturday of the month.

Seasonal fruits and vegetables, herbs, flowers, nuts, plants, honey, olives, olive oil, preserves, jams, marinades, sauces, wine, cider, fresh bread, and a variety of locally raised meats can all be purchased directly from the farmer, grower, or producer.

Dundullimal Homestead

The property, which includes a timber church, a shed, and sandstone stables, depicts isolated rural life during the early years of European settlement. In 1842, John Maughan, a retired army officer and wealthy trader constructed a slab hut-style dwelling. It has survived to the twenty-first century with little changes. Louvers and a series of pane-glazed openings to the verandah, as well as a big sitting room with a tent-shaped plaster ceiling, are among the clever touches. Many people book their Qantas Airlines Flights to see this place only.

Old Dubbo Gaol

The state-listed pub in Dubbo first opened in 1847 and was extended over the next 100 years before shutting in 1966. This has been an interesting and entertaining glimpse into a terrible era in Australian corrections since the 1970s. The largest collection of actual hangman's ropes in the country is among the spine-chilling exhibits, and you'll get a personal look at what it was like to be imprisoned.

Taronga Western Plains Zoo


The open-range enclosures can be seen on a five-kilometer circuit that can be navigated on foot, by bike, car, or a zoo-provided electric safari cart. Lion Pride Lands is a natural highlight, but cheetahs, Sumatran tigers, Asian elephants, giraffes, meerkats, zebras, and Australian animals like koalas and kangaroos.


There is so much to see. This vast zoo, holding more than 5,000 animals from 350+ species, larger animals such as elephants and giraffes than its Sydney zoo. Check Qantas Airlines Flight Booking services for great deals.

The Dubbo Regional Museum and Dubbo Regional Gallery

The Dubbo Regional Museum and the Dubbo Regional Gallery's collections are housed at the WPCC. Temporary exhibitions based on these extensive collections look at Dubbo's early beginnings, Dubbo throughout the wars, significant pioneers and entrepreneurs, prominent Dubbo citizens, and economic activities throughout the centuries. The country's largest collection includes a couple of priceless pieces.

Heritage Walk

Heritage Walk seems more beautiful at the time of monsoon. This 13-kilometer way was later named after great tracker Alexander Riley. This 13-kilometer cycleway was later named after him. It follows a circuit that allows you to appreciate the natural beauty of the Macquarie Foreshore and a few nearby visitor sites.

Wellington Caves & Phosphate Mine

Europeans initially discovered the caves, and early paleontologists were drawn in by the fossilized bones of megafauna from the Pleistocene period, such as enormous kangaroos and diprotodon, which were evident in the cave walls. As a result, there were two excursions available when we prepared this list in May 2020. The Cathedral Cave, the largest cave, is noted for structures such as the Altar, a stalactite.


These are the most amazing and unique places of Dubbo. You must include all these places in your list. Dubbo is a place which will give you a historical retreat with fusion of various cultures. There are many flights taking off for Dubbo, book your Qantas Flight Ticket and get great deals.

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