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Unique Resolutions To Make in 2019

Entering a new year is always full of exciting opportunity to go after your biggest goals. That fresh feeling inspires people to set some resolutions and start over. The most common resolutions to go after usually are to lose weight, make more money, and get a new job. If you want to enter 2019 with a skip in your step, consider some of these unique resolutions that most people don’t think about.

Spend More Time With Family

A great way to make life just a little nicer is to make spending time with family a resolution. The truth is that the holidays are a great time to remind you how great it is to be with family, so make it a small goal to have everyone come together every week. Memories can be made during any time of the year.

Learn A New Skill

Try learning a new skill. If you calculate how much extra time you have in your day, you’ll realize you may have an hour or two to learn something new. It could be a new skill, a sport, or even something in the arts. What are some things you’ve always been interested and fascinated about but never thought you could try? In 2019, try acquiring one new skill that you can be proud of to bring in to 2020.

Embrace Yourself Through Self Care

Make 2019 a year of taking care of yourself. Start journaling more often. Do everything you can to improve your confidence. Embrace your creativity by doing new things. Practice gratitude more often and appreciate everything more. Make this a year where you take care of your mental health. Even going to a mental health counselor in the new year several times a month can improve your overall life.

Improve Your Finances

Make 2019 the year where you have better control of your financial life. Whether it’s saving more money every month, paying off as much debt as you can, or even picking up a side hustle to earn more, make this year one that is focused on enhancing your financial life.

Make A Difference

Ever wanted to make a difference but didn’t know where to start? You don’t need a million dollars to donate to make a change in the world. For example, there are several charities and organizations in your area that would gladly take in some of your help, whether it’s money or volunteering your time. There are all kinds of organizations that you could be part of to make a difference.

Travel More

Make 2019 a year where you leave your home more often. Whether it’s leaving the city for a road trip or flying across the globe for a week of vacationing, try making this a year of seeing more places. This is the year you learn about more cultures, meet more people, and gain more knowledge about the world.

Learn A New Language

If you have ever wanted to communicate with more people as you travel the world, learning a new language is a great way to develop yourself. Try to use your time more wisely and use that additional time to learn a language.

Continue Your Education In Some Way

Consider going back to school, taking an online course, hire a mentor or a life coach, and gain a boost in your education. Whatever it may be that you are learning, you should not stop educating yourself just because you’ve reached a certain age.

2019 could be the year you get your life in order. It could be a time where you learn something new, get your fitness back in order, or maybe even travel the world more. Whatever your goals may be, set some new resolutions and charge after them in this new year. 2019 can be an exciting year of growth and development when you set the right resolutions.

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