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Unique Wedding Ceremony Ideas You Haven't Seen Before

These days, personalizing the ceremony and going beyond the conventional church wedding have become natural for couples. They do so to make the ceremony to fit their own style and beliefs and this requires the complete personalization of everything of a wedding ceremony.

Undoubtedly, the reception is the place where the party is thrown. However, the ceremony area is the one where you can have fun while decorating with it. With your creativity and the implementation of unique ceremony ideas, you can make your guests get shocked with an unusual song while walking down in the area. You can come across several tricks to make your wedding ceremony an exceptional one. Here are some ideas that you might not come across and can help you make your wedding ceremony a unique one:

Unique Ceremony Seating

In typical church wedding, people are seating one after another in a row inside the church. The seating arrangement makes the guests keep their faces off from one another.

You can change this traditional seating if you are not getting married in a place of worship. For your big day, you can create a unique seating with tablecloth linens , which doesn’t require a huge investment but your clever and creative approach. You have numerous ideas for seating arrangement if you pressurize your mind and creativity. You can use wedding seating chart for your guests. Some of exclusive wedding ceremony seating ideas that you can try are as follows:

  • Circle of friends - Place rows of chairs in a circle with proper distance for the exchange of your vows surrounded by your invitees, family members, and friends.   
  • Facing section - Select an open area in or around your locality. Make a centre stage and place chairs round the central space. In this, all of your guests have no face offs and can easily enjoy the ceremony. 
  • Tree stumps - Choose a forest or garden for your marriage ceremony and use the tree stumps of different sizes for seating.
  • Sunken seating - No guest wants to miss any chance of being an eye witness of your marriage. They want to have a watch on the entire ceremony function. Apply the architectural elements in your seating arrangements and let your guests have an excellent vantage point. 
  • Water feature - Be careful and let water not make your way get if you are having your wedding ceremony near a pool, pond, or fountain. Make it work for you by arranging the chairs around the water source.
  • Curve chairs for intimate feel - Take out some of your valuable time to place chairs in a semicircle. With this, you will create a massive difference in the intimacy of your marriage ceremony. Have faith that it will make a difference, as such a seating is subtle.
  • Driftwood logs - Arranging driftwood logs for seating can be an excellent seating arrangement for your wedding if you have selected a beach or forest as a venue for your marriage ceremony.   
  • Great outdoors - Find old doors and use the same for the creation of an intimate entrance of your wedding venue. Arrange the seating rectangular or circular behind that.

Unique Ceremony Program Display

For guests, it is essential to know everything related to your marriage ceremony. They want to get detail on each wedding function. To let your guests watch the entire marriage ceremony, you can hang a display around the venue and broadcast the function. Your invitees will easily view every function of your marriage ceremony.

Clever Signs Your Wedding Guests Will Love

In the decoration of the venue, wedding welcome sign is crucial. With the respective signs, you can greet your guests. Adding other signs to it, you can direct them where to sit, the place of main marriage ceremony, and the right place to dine & drink. Further, you can show your gratitude to them for being a part of your wedding ceremony. Furthermore, you can use them to disclose your love to your partner publically with the use of romantic wedding signs. By using your creative mind, you can use signs to disclose the moments you have shared till now and your future planning after tying the knot.   

Build Your Own Wood Arch

A wedding wood arch is a structure at the venue under which the couples going to marry stand. Such structures are premade or can be made as per personal choice. If you have decided to do it yourself for your big day, you come across numerous options. Here is one of them for your help:

  • Arrange three long wood pieces. You can choose one of 4x4.
  • Install two small wood logs on the floor and fill them with concrete after placing two long wood pieces in them. 
  • Place the left one on these two erected wood pieces with proper balance.
  • Leave these pieces stay natural
  • Use flowers, lights, greenery, fabrics, and romantic wedding signs to decorate the wood arch. 

Design your invitation card

No ceremony is valuable without guests. For inviting them, you send invitation cards to them. You personalize your card because you want to make your wedding unique in each aspect. For the perfect personalization, you decide to design your invitation card. You can use your creative mind with the help of the available templates. With customized images, colours, designs, and unique messages, you can create unique wedding invitation cards with the help of professionals that no one will forget and love to attend your marriage ceremony.  Wedding invitation cards are the way to express your personality so make sure to select a perfect wedding invitation card for your guests.


The ideas mentioned above are just a clue to guide you. With the use of your creating mind, you can make your wedding ceremony more unique in your own ways. It’s the big day of your life that never comes again. So, start working on the ideas for making your marriage ceremony a unique and grand one. 

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