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United Markets Capital Believes in Mankind

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Millions of children around the world are trapped and scarred by violations that range from child labor, civil conflict, and early marriages.

Through UM Capital’s philanthropic advocacy, communities are learning and embracing child rights that keep them out of harms’ way. And UM Capital speaks out for children at relevant global forums, pressing for decisions that shield and empower them.

As part of United MarketsCapital’s added value, clients know that a fixed amount of revenue is channeled to uplifting the welfare of our weaker global communities. The Broker is convinced that these actions are helping to make the world a better place for us all to live in.The resources that UM Capital is utilizing stem from access to capital, economies of scale, global reach and expertise.

United Markets Capital focuses mainly on kids in the 3rd world countries, donating funds to feed, clothe and educate the generation of tomorrow.Can you imagine going through school without pens, pencils, writing materials or classrooms?This is the case for thousands of children in impoverished communities.

“It is important to create opportunities for a successful learning experience for each child in need, by granting them essential school supplies.UM Capital believes that this grass root partnership is helping the marginalized communities to foster better education for their children”saidDavid Goldberg, UM Capital CEO. Livelihoods are bound to be positively impacted by such bold humanitarian initiatives, and the results from beneficiary communities are encouraging.

A child who has slept hungry and has to walk long distances to school is not likely to pay much attention. Hunger steals their energy and sabotages their school days. Many of them are malnourished, which robs them of their one chance to grow up healthy.

In many cases, opportunistic diseases take a heavy toll on their survival prospects. Partnering with communities, and families is helping to claim back healthy childhoods. United Markets Capital is also providingemergency food relief andparticipating in activities that improve food security for the future.

UM Capital has divided their CSR gifting into three categories:

  • Single Gifts increased overall by 6.4%.
  • Development Revenues increased by 7.1% due to high major donor and legacy donations.
  • Emergency Relief decreased 22.1% as we responded to fewer major emergencies. The balance of Single Gifts is undesignated and was up 22.5%.

For example, $30 provides essential school supplies for one child per year, $110 secures food for a family of 4 per month.With support from associates, the Broker iscurrently helping bring about real change for children, families and communities in Bolivia, Cambodia, Somalia, Uganda, Zambia, and Ghana.

Helping rebuild lives and communities is just one way that UM Capital aims to promote peace and reconciliation. And the choice for reaching out to children in the most challenging places in the world is well informed by a business philosophy, “United Markets, Uniting Mankind”.

United Markets Capital is a leading global CFD/FXtrading provider that offers clients the most competitive, yet obtainable trading and investment conditions. The Broker’s clients can trade on thousands of instruments from a diversified portfolio including Forex Pairs, Indices, Cryptocurrencies, Commodities, Shares, ETFs, and Treasuries.

UM Capital pursues a business strategy that places great emphasis on human interaction. The Broker’s Account Managers have a reputation of providing clients the best, and personalized customer experience. They cumulatively combine an incredible wealth of professionalism, gained from diverse online financial backgrounds.

Despite the string of accomplishments, United Markets Capital believes that there is still room for improvement, and it is the reason for establishing a foundation. The Broker supports lead volunteer service activities by employees in local communities where UM Capital has operations.

“We acknowledge the invaluable support and encouragement we continue to receive from investors like you in impacting the lives of vulnerable children, and communities around the world. Your incredible support gives them hope to realize their God-given potential”, concluded Goldberg.

UM Capital, United Markets – Uniting Mankind.

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