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University of Phoenix Promotes Nursing Program as Industry Demand Remains High

University of Phoenix is one of the largest American, for-profit universities. Offering students everywhere access to flexible and affordable higher education, the University maintains its mission to help individuals obtain career success through educational advancement.

In 2020, University of Phoenix launched its 3+1 Transfer Program with community colleges, allowing students another affordable option to obtain a bachelor’s degree in one of four high-demand industries. These industries include health management, information technology, business management and nursing. Students can take the majority of their required coursework at a community college and transfer to the University of Phoenix during their final year, saving both money and time while getting the specific education necessary to excel in their field.

Recently, University of Phoenix highlighted the benefits of obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN).

An article written by the University notes that projections indicate by 2022 there will be more job openings for registered nurses (RNs) than for any other profession. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that RN employment will grow 12 percent from 2018-2028, record growth for all professions in the U.S.

Before the pandemic, registered nurses and specialty nurses were in short supply, and now the need has grown stronger. With technologies evolving, patient populations ageing and federal legislation proving more difficult for those who need care to access it, there are more challenges and opportunities in healthcare than ever before.

The University reports that students who obtain a BSN degree can prepare to become a charge nurse, public health nurse or director of nursing. Elevating your status with a BSN degree provides more opportunity and higher income options. The report notes that the median annual salary for registered nurses was $73,3000 in May 2019.

While we may think of nurses as front-line, bedside workers, there are many career paths available to individuals with a BSN. Highlighted below are three career paths taken by University of Phoenix BSN graduates.

Front-line experience leads to staff educator

Engelic Garcia is a nurse, hospital educator and clinical instructor at Fresno Surgical Hospital in Fresno, California. She has spent decades in the healthcare industry as a medical assistant and a neonatal phlebotomist. She obtained her associate degree in nursing and became a registered nurse. When her employer offered her an opportunity to obtain her BSN, she knew she could not pass it up.

In addition to being a hospital educator, Garcia is an adjunct professor at a local university and helped build the preceptor program at the hospital. She helps educate and maintain staff retention of her fellow nurses and staff, and she enjoys every minute of it.

“There’s just so many opportunities in nursing,” Garcia says proudly. “I think it’s a phenomenal profession. For those who have a passion for caring for people, this is the job for them.”

RN to Medical Executive

Art Gladstone is Chief Strategy Officer and former CEO, Straub Medical Center and Pali Momi Medical Center in Aiea, Hawaii. Gladstone began his career in healthcare as a registered nurse in Alberta, Canada. After moving with his family to Hawaii, Gladstone earned his bachelor’s degree and then his MBA, both from University of Phoenix.

Gladstone has given commencement speeches at University of Phoenix graduation ceremonies where he encourages and reminds graduates that the curriculum learned within the classroom can only take you so far. You must work hard and take opportunities that come your way. 

Early learning leads to admiration for the nursing profession

From an early age, Jackson Tea admired nurses and all they do for their patients and the community. He knew that his career path would take him into nursing, but he did not know it would lead him to become a Director of Ophthalmology.

Tea earned his BSN and developed a skill set to become a preceptor. At this level, he developed a drive for more and enrolled in the MSN program at University of Phoenix.

“Learning transformational leadership is probably the main focus that has been with me the entire time,” Tea says about gaining leadership skills through the program. “The way that leadership has transitioned from being hierarchical to more servant leadership is something that has always applied in my practice.”

Taking new information and adding it to the sum of what you have already learned from your educational and professional practice enhances your expertise in a field. The three individuals highlighted above took their healthcare industry experience and elevated themselves to become leaders in their communities.

About University of Phoenix

University of Phoenix is one of the largest for-profit online universities. Founded by economist Dr. John Sperling in 1976, its mission revolves around helping students further their educational journey with flexible options to obtaining a degree. The University offers online and on-campus learning in states across the country.

University of Phoenix maintains an innovative approach to helping working adults enhance their careers by offering flexible schedules, relevant courses and interactive learning options. With over 100,000 students enrolled, the University serves a diverse student population. Its latest 3+1 Transfer Program with community colleges is one of the innovative ways University of Phoenix works to enhance the talent pipeline in communities across the country. For more information, visit

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