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If you are a game freak who is looking for a getaway where you can take a break from that noisy city of yours for a cool place to have the fun of your life, the unplugged game store is the place to watch out for. Unplugged gaming is a three-day gaming party organized by ASUS and Launchpad. The event is to focus on bringing gamers, PC enthusiasts, and other techies together to share values and cool ideas. The occasion is located at Cyberjaya, Malaysia. It is an annual occasion with a max number of seventy-five participants.

There is a common culture among unplugged gamers. It is the common BYOC acronym. This is to communicate the message of bringing your own personal computer to the event. Not bringing a computer to the event is definitely not an offense, however, priority is granted to those who bring their own computer. 

This is the same for those who bring their notebook to the event. Participants who bring their personal computers to the event will have a greater preference than those who bring a notebook. And since space is very much limited, then you can understand that not all applicants will have a successful registration.

Unplugged Game Store

Everything around here, including admission, is free. However, participants should understand that if they are lodging for a room then there would be additional costs for the place of stay. It is a three-day event where tech and Pc enthusiasts converge, to share opinions and ideas. There are a host of amazing events that regularly take place during this occasion.

From brilliant tech seminars to powerful special discount deals on the nice products around and eventually, the very competitive modding where the best talents showcase their skills in emerging the best of the best. The event is hosted at Cyberjaya outside of Kuala Lumpur. The organizers have explained the reason for their choice of this location. A peaceful quiet place that will be entirely free from the rowdiness and roar of a noisy place like Kuala Lumpur is definitely the best choice for a gaming location.

Bringing one's own PC is definitely the best for an Unplugged gaming event, however, this is not enough since, other accessories and necessities such as a mouse, extensions, cables, jackets, sleeping bag, pillow, towel, clothes toiletries, water bottle, and headphones or earbuds are allowed and important for the event. However, intrusive accessories such as speakers are discouraged in the event. Also, not all ages are allowed in the event.

Republic of Gamer

 Basically, participants that are younger than 18 years are usually not allowed. However, participants that are almost eighteen years can get a consent letter from their parents for smooth registration. There is a provision of food and beverages for all participants however, alcohol and other intoxicating drugs are much prohibited in the event. And all participants are usually informed that all their properties are brought to the event at their own risk.

Unplugged gaming is an amazing annual meet up for PC enthusiasts. It didn't take place this year because of the disruptive season but the last one was held in August 2019.

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