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Unraveling the secrets behind the crystal water bottles

So are you about to buy a crystal water bottle?

Do you know the benefits or the facts behind the secrets about the magical crystal elixirs?

If not then you have come to the right place as in this article we are going to discuss the secrets and whether or not they hold. These days there is a lot of media attention on the crystal water bottles as they are the new piece of fashion merchandise or accessory.

We have already seen famous Hollywood film stars such as GwenethPaltrow doing the as featured in TV commercials about crystal water bottles.

By the way, let’s make you first of all familiar with the crystal eater bottles are and what are the magical secrets behind the power of the crystal elixirs.

Defining a crystal water bottle

So a crystal water bottle is as you can see a water drinking bottle. It's not like the ordinary ones but generally a lot more expensive. The exterior of the bottle is made of either glass or transparent fiber.

The cap on the low-end models is generally made of plastic, but if you have a slightly higher budget then you can choose the costlier ones that have a bamboo lid.

But is that all why you are fascinated to buy crystal water bottle?

It’s the crystal stone inside that is the star attraction of these bottles.

The magical goodies of crystal elixirs

So now let’s get to know why is there so much media hype around the crystals as featured in tv commercials and ads.

The crystal elixir is a stone that seems to be not just any crystal stone but something that is infused with magical powers. It is something within this stone’s molecules that attracts our attention.

It seems that the story goes back ages back in the medieval times from when people have been believing about the magical powers of the crystal elixirs.

It is thought that these stones do have some magical wound healing, energy-providing, negative energy canceling, a positive vibe bringing non-tangible things about them.

Thus when you drink water from a crystal-infused water bottle it is thought that you are not just drinking any water but, water that is infused with the magical powers of the crystal elixir.

It is thought that the crystal being in touch with the water gains these magical powers in it which are later transferred to you.

Types of crystal elixirs

Wait… before moving on you should know that the crystals are made of quartz mostly and some other minerals.

Here are the common types of crystals that you see as featured in the tv commercials-

Rose quartz

The rose quartz has this slightly pinkish tinge to it and it seems that it has this magical power to cast away all the negative vibes and thoughts from deep in your brain.

Clear quartz

The clear quartz is named as it is somewhat translucent and can work to alleviate the energy levels both at psychological and physical levels.

Smokey quartz

It’s this greyish tinge to it that gives this quartz stone its name. It is a powerful toxin killer and is known to cast away all the painful emotions surrounding it.


If you want to buy crystal water bottle then you will surely come across bottles containing this crystal stone. It is said to have the power of alleviating your spiritual vibrational levels.

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