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Up-and-Coming Software That Will Improve Your Business

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There's a certain amount of satisfaction that comes from completing a project, task, or endeavor. It feels even more satisfying when these are completed before certain deadlines, and one of the best ways to leverage time is by using software and tools like time tracking. In this article, we will be discussing the topic of up-and-coming software that will most definitely improve your business if it is used correctly.

You may have heard of productivity apps for your smartphone as well as your computer or laptop, but unless you use them correctly, they won't help you improve your business. Hiring people also won't help you unless you know how to hire AND train the RIGHT people. So, here's our list of six up-and-coming computer software tools and technology to take your business to the next level.

Virtual Reality

The first time I tried on some virtual reality goggles, I was hooked, and knew this was the next big thing. The reason it will help your business is because you can record a 360 degree video of your store, location, business process, products, or whatever it is that you want to show. Once your video is recorded, it gets turned into a "virtual reality" where you can look up, down, to the side, behind you, and even walk forward and it will feel like you're actually there. Once you take the goggles off, you're back in your room or wherever you initially were, but experienced a video in a way that would scare people born 100 years ago.

Augmented Reality

This takes virtual reality to the next level. Instead of putting on some goggles and "leaving" your current room, augmented reality allows you to bring things into it. This means that by using augmented reality, businesses will be able to show their products to customers without them having to visit any stores or having to wait for the products to arrive to see how they would look. For example, IKEA is working on an Augmented Reality platform where you can literally select a couch, bed, table, chairs, etc. and virtually position it in 3D wherever you'd like inside your home. This will allow customers to make their best choices because they will have seen it live, before purchasing.


A system of buying and selling where you find other vendors' products being sold at a cheaper price than you know you could sell them for. You then list these items on your own website and collect customer information, and money, then relay that to the original seller, while you keep the spread. This is an easy way to look for items, transfer them to your website, and sell without having to hold any inventory. If you're looking to improve or start a business, dropshipping is an inexpensive way to do it.

Artificial Intelligence

The future of humanity will lie in the hands of the people who make artificial intelligence, and then, ultimately in the hands of the A.I. themselves. For right now we have control over these artificial intelligence algorithms and can use them to gather and inspect data from a business to provide solutions. It can help your business by doing things like posting advertisements on craigslist for you, or chatting with people who visit your website. I've also seen an A.I. "personal assistant" whom you can give a designated name and email, and he or she will take over conversations with people you need to set appointments and meetings with. The A.I. will discuss a time with the person and will search your calendar for the next available opening.

Cloud Computing

 Finally, cloud computing has been around for a while, but it was mostly used for purposes other than business. Now it seems like every new startup prefers to use cloud computing as opposed to file cabinets and office space. There's not even a need to meet in person since everything can be done online.

These are always being upgraded and worked on and so they will be fully integrated in the future. For right now you can start implementing cloud computing, and dropshipping to start your own business, if you don't already have one.

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