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AOL mail provides its users with experience of using a personalized mail. This is what the users have been seeking. AOL has promptly looked into what the users exactly want and have provided them with the same. AOL email provides the users with several features, and along with these features, they get the benefit of personalizing it in their way. The users can know more about the features and services that AOL email provides by connecting with the aol helpline number.

AOL email can be customized in such a way that it would aptly suit the users need. You can efficiently personalize how you write emails, manage income mails, how your inbox looks and a lot more.

Process of updating AOL mail settings

The process to be followed if you wish to update your AOL Mail is as given below:

  • Sign in to your AOL Mail.
  • Under the username, you can see an option of ‘Mail Settings.’
  • Once you click on the said option, you would get a tab for settings that you can manage as per your need.

Update General Settings

In this setting, you can easily manage the given options.

  • Today on AOL- Here you can manage the box to show the latest news, the unread messages that you have, and mail tips for your assistance.
  • Sender Name Display- You have the freedom to choose whether you want to display the sender’s name or email address.
  • Reading- You have this option where you can select how you want your emails to be displayed to you.
  • New Mail- You can also change and manage the sound that should be played when you receive a new email.
  • Auto Sign off- You can also opt for the auto sign off option, which would ensure that your account automatically signs off after a specific period.
  • Contacts- You can also choose how you want your contacts to be displayed and sorted.

Once you have made changes to the above options, click on save to finalize your changes.

Update Compose Settings

  • Cc/Bcc- You have the control on whether you want Cc/Bcc to be displayed or not.
  • Default Compose Mode- You can ultimately choose how you want your compose screen to be displayed.
    • Write an email in a pop-up screen.
    • Write mail in full plane compose.
    • Write mail in a separate window.
  • Rich Text/HTML- You can easily create a signature and enable rich text/HTML editing to use your preferred font and color.
  • Display Name- You have the option where you can enter the name you want to be displayed when you send an email.
  • Sending- You have the freedom to opt on how you want your sent messages checked:
  • Choose if you want messages checked for spelling before sending.
  • Choose if you want email addresses automatically added to contacts.
  • Choose if you want a sent confirmation to appear on a different page.

There are a lot of options that you would have when you choose to update your AOL email settings. There is nothing that you cannot personalize as per your need. If you face any issue while taking up the given steps, you can quickly contact the aol tech support phone number. The professionals would provide you all the required assistance on how to accurately follow the steps.

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