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Use OCR Software for Data Entry Projects

Data entry is the work of entering the valuable information in a computer or any other digital device. This task needs full attention to maintain accurate information because it is a fallible work. Hence, it takes lots of time and efforts. Furthermore, data collection is not much more as focused as it once was with people getting information in the office and on the go.

Download JPG to Word Converter

To make this work better and easier, you will find that there is plenty of OCR software available. OCR refers to Optical Character Recognition, a technology creates a digital form of types, handwritten or printed document that can be read by the computer without typing the text. OCR software scans the document and makes it computer-readable document.


OCR software permits you to replace the paper and manual data entry method with influential applications that can be used on smartphones, computers and digital devices to help in automating data capture. Depending on your requirements, JPG to Word Converter software can easily digitize the paper forms into electronic forms. The software productivity can completely automate classification and data extraction from the documents.

This Software Can:

  • Automatically identify and classify the digital documents at the point of acquirement.
  • see the desired information.
  • Capture the documents and data into the content management system.
  • Classify data for effortless searching and retrieval.
  • Validate your extracted data.

How Does It Work?

Digital forms have almost replaced paper forms and add support to the data entry work, simplifying data collection. These forms are simply accessed on computers, mobile phones which can be synced with the computer device, check the accuracy of the entered data and match it with the existing data in your system. With the help of this software, the submission of the forms automatically activates the process and provides the immediate result to the people.


The following steps will help you to utilize the JPG to Word Converter:

  • Download the JPG to Word Converter on your computer and then install it. Now, open the software, it will lead you to the default Home Page.
  • Select the JPG file you require to digitize. You can either scan it from a scanner
  • After uploading the file, select Word (Doc) as the output format.
  • You can use the option of "Auto-Skew" and "Auto-rotate" for correcting the skew and rotation of the file.
  • Now, press the icon "Save". Your file is digitized into Word format.


No work should be limited with a couple of alternatives when it is required to manage the data entry process. If you are required to concentrate on the most important part of the data management, you should utilize the software program that might better deal with the job of data entry. You can get relief from the tedious and time-consuming data entry work. So, get the JPG to Word Converter today and use this tool to take your business to the next level.

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