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Useful applications of decorative concrete and how it can provide a new look to your house

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The trend of making concrete a part of the interior is gaining popularity. Not only does concrete provide a strong foundation, but it also stands out and enhances the beauty of your abode. Concrete might look like a dull piece option for the interior. However, it works wonderfully as a backdrop for all sorts of designs. Moreover, concrete isn’t limited to flooring or fixtures alone. It can also be used as a décor piece, candle as well as a lamp. Here is how you can incorporate concrete as a part of your home décor.

Concrete as a bathroom sink

Concrete is very strong and so you can very well use it as a bathroom sink. It is light in color which creates a subtle palette for the bathroom. If you are fond of minimalistic spaces then concrete can add a unique and elegant touch to your bathroom. Say goodbye to the age-old conventional sinks and add a revolutionary edge to your bathroom.

Concrete Flooring

Concrete is no longer a part of garages and outdoor designs. You can use it in the flooring of your house too. The subtle hues of concrete will make your house look classy and contemporary. It gives an amazing background on which you can place things with bright colors. Add some vibrant furniture on the concrete flooring to complete the look.

Concrete for the kitchen

With concrete being a popular option, it can be added in the kitchen on the countertops as well islands. You may also use concrete for the flooring as well as the backsplash. You can opt from a wide range of concrete dining table Sydney that would simply look stunning in your kitchen. Play with the colors and add hues of navy blue and black to give it a contrast look. You may also opt for a maroon and such other darker shades which will look amazing when paired with the concrete décor.

Concrete Bathtub

Imagine a white bathroom with ash gray concrete bathtub! Wonderful, isn’t it? At times, you can use concrete to create the much need contrast appearance to your living spaces. Concrete bathtubs look amazingly luxurious and provide a good bath. If you are looking for a long term option then concrete bathtubs are the way to go. They are priced on the higher side but once you install them, they are sure to last for a really long time. it is a good idea to find a

polished concrete furniture Sydney that would add a glorious look to your house.

Concrete Fireplace

Almost everyone has wood, brick or stone for their fireplace. Why not try something eccentric and new as a concrete fireplace? It is a striking option and suddenly enhances the look of your living room. You would get that modern as well as rustic look which will gain you a lot of praises.

Decorative Options

Looking for some concrete décor inspiration? Try using concrete planters which are trendy and have a classy appearance. They have a white and grey option which looks amazing with the green plants planted in it. Moreover, planters made of concrete will protect the roots of any plant from the wind. If you think that live plants are not for you then find faux plant options.

Concrete Candles

You don’t necessarily have to make huge renovations using concrete. You may also use the same in the decorative items for the home. For instance, a candle holder made of concrete will give those bohemian vibes. It will blend modern appearance with a traditional tint.

Thus, you can add concrete décor to your living spaces and enhance its appearance. If you are someone who loves a rustic yet sophisticated look then concrete furniture is the way to go. It not only accentuates the way your house looks but also acts as a good backdrop. You can add furniture which is brightly colored to add a unique look to your home.

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