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Useful Tips for Maintaining a Gas Ducted Heating

Gas Ducted Heating refers to a technique of central heating your entire home through the circulation of hot air through a network of ducts either directly built into your roof or floor or cavity of your house. It involves a little bit of heat loss in comparison to other means of heating the air circulation in your house. The gas can be recycled too. With the help of proper installation, it can also be operated on electricity, thus cutting down on your overall cost of operating the system.

We have witnessed global campaigns persistently that promote green living. Several companies have emerged in recent years in marketing products as well as services that strongly enhances the overall quality of the indoor heating systems with the help of duct heating. Many of us are very much aware of the advertisements of ducted heating systems from the various television commercials, print ads and radio ads.

Just like any other heating systems, even these ducts require regular cleaning and should be maintained for their proper functioning over the years. The procedure of duct cleaning takes proper care of the ducted heating by cleansing the registers, grills, diffusers, coils by removing any clogs cause by dust and dirt.

Why Do You Require to Clean and Maintain the Ducted Heating Systems? 

The answer is that it is very necessary to protect your health. In case these systems are not maintained in a proper condition, then their component parts of ducted heating may develop contamination like pollen, dust or any other contaminant. Most of these contaminants will potentially result in allergic reactions & other symptoms that would eventually develop into serious diseases.

Once you feel that your gas ducted heating needs a cleanup, you should very wisely choose the best service provider for cleaning the components of the duct heating system. You need to ensure that the individual or company that you would be hiring should be qualified for conducting the procedures. You need to note that the cleaning procedure is a double-edged sword. In case a professional fail in cleaning any components of the duct system, then a re-contamination is likely to happen very quickly and then this would defeat the overall aim of maintenance.

One of the most vital aspects that need to be considered while looking for a suitable heat exchanger is the space that will have to be dedicated to it. If you live in a small house, then you will definitely need to look out for a compact model that can be fitted easily and moveable. The space that you will be docked to will mainly determine the amount of money that you will have to pay. It is true that the prices of these systems have come down considerably over the last few years, but that does not mean that they are of an inferior quality. The best gas ducted heating systems will be highly energy-efficient and will reduce your heating costs drastically.

A gas ducted heating system is an excellent choice if you want to reduce your heating costs and increase the comfort levels in your home. The technology incorporated into these systems ensures that they provide heat to all rooms with high levels of comfort. If you choose to go in for this type of system, you should consult the expert if you are not sure whether it is the right option. If you get the right advice, then you will definitely be able to install a highly efficient system and make your home highly comfortable. It is important to remember that an efficient system that uses natural gas to transfer heat is always the best choice.

In case you have not tried using a ducted system before, then you should enquire about the average service rates. The price range would depend on the degree of the services that are being offered as well as the other factors like the system’s size, its accessibility & its maintenance level.

Ducted Heating
Ducted Heating

Signs That Show Your Ducted Heating System Requires Professional Maintenance 

It is better to replace your ducted heating system once every twelve years. The internal parts have a particular life span and over the years you will start noticing some signs that will indicate it’s time to buy a new system. There are a few signs that show that the ducted heating system requires maintenance or a change and is time for calling a well-experienced professional for conducting the service.

  1. If a disturbing noise comes out of the ducting heating system, this will indicate that the system is facing some issue and needs fixing.
  2. If the ducted heating system emits some burning or moldy smell, then you should not ignore this issue and consult a specialist technician for taking care of the same.
  3. Another obvious sign is if you notice that you are getting very high electricity bills, then you should get the ducted heating system checked by a technician.
  4. The design of the ducted heating system is such that it gives similar temperatures in all the corners of your house. If this is not happening or if any of the areas of the house is very hot or very cold or very humid, then you should get the system checked. This is a sign that the system is about to fail and either requires repair or maintenance.


Maintaining your ducted heating system in a proper condition would always ensure that the system would provide optimal performance and it would enhance its life as well.

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