Useful Tips to extend the life of your Mobile Phone


Useful Tips to extend the life of your Mobile Phone

There are some tips and tricks to help you take better care of your mobile phone. So, you can keep your mobile in good condition.

Protect Mobile Phone Screen: 

Accidents happen on a daily basis; sometimes Mobile phone slips from your hands and drops on the floor, ultimately shattering the screen. The repairing of Mobile phone damage is costly. The glass used in the mobile phone is brittle. People now prefer going for thin and slim smartphones.

Replacing the iPhone Lcd is expensive so you should protect it beforehand. A tempered glass Screen protector protects the mobile phone from scratches and is impact resistant. the iPhone screen is fragile; it is better to avoid dropping, bending the phone and knocking against a hard surface.

Mobile phone cases and covers provide the best protection to the mobile phone. There are different types of iPhone cases and covers that are thicker and durable in use and offer utmost protection to phones. In addition, the wallet case protects the mobile phone from the front and back side.

Maximize battery life to charge correctly: 

New Model Mobile phones come with Lithium batteries which work great as compared to traditional batteries. It has good charging density, fastly charge and long lifespan. The wrong charging methods damage the battery lifetime.

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Not fully charge your smartphone, up to 100:

If you are charging the phone on low power, it reduces the battery life. But it would be best if you do not let the iPhone fully drain.

Charge your Mobile phone all night:

Whenever you get a chance to charge your mobile, the power level should be between 45-75 percent. Using the mobile phone all day and charging it overnight has a harmful impact on the battery life span, it should be avoided at all costs.

Do not charge your phone with another device charger: 

It is not a good practice to charge an iPhone using an iPad charger. Every charger supply is different. Some universal chargers can be used with every Mobile phones.The New quick chargers harm the batteries. The wrong amount of power supply harms the battery.

 Do the right thing if your phone dropped in water:

 The latest mobile phones are water-resistant and waterproof. If your mobile phone drops in the water, sea, you must take immediate action to save the phone. You must take out a Mobile phone instantly from the water, maybe a small amount of water gets inside the mobile phone, damaging the battery and other iPhone parts. 

 It would help to switch off the mobile phone and not attempt to switch it back on, not to use or charge it.

Suppose, your mobile phone drops in salty water and sweet juice on the mobile phone. It would be best if you rinsed the phone with water or alcohol. Sugar and salt speedily corrode the mobile phone; once it gets into the smartphone, it will damage the parts of the mobile phone.

Moisturizer must be dried with Cloth: 

If you tap your phone against your leg or shake the phone, you will see that water comes out from the headphone and charging ports. You take out the detachable parts, such as the memory card or Sim Card. You will remove the back cover and take out the battery. But this cannot be done with iPhone Mobile phones.

Place your phone on an airtight Rice bag: 

After drying the mobile phone, you can put your mobile phone in an airtight rice bag because the rice absorbs the moisture from the phone. It would be best to keep the mobile phone turned off for at least 48 hours before restarting the mobile phone. It would help if you did not use a Hair Dryer or heater to dry your smartphone. It causes damage to the internal iPhone parts. 

If your mobile phone does not perform any functions, It would help if you took your mobile phone to the repair shop. Where the professionals inspect the water damaged more closely. 

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