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All-In In Poker: When To Use It And When Not To

If there is an expression that everyone knows in online poker, it might be "all-in." It relates to going all-in in poker or betting it all. With this information alone, we are sure that you will sharpen your attention to the maximum so as not to miss a single detail of the article we will dedicate to all-in.

In addition to its origin, we will also see when it is better to use the all-in and when not to hit our target. Be that as it may, we do not want to stop reminding you of the importance of always playing responsibly in the casino tables online modality you choose.

All-In In Poker: Everything You Need To Know

All-in in poker is an expression that grew with the popularization of Texas Hold'Em poker in its no-limit variant. Before that, making a bet with all the chips was still scarce and only happened when one of the players saw that he could not even cover one of the minimum bets that he was obliged to.

In addition, it was used more and more in cash games or sit & go. In short, the expression all-in continued to grow until it became what it is today. 

Going back to the early days of poker, the "all-in" rule was the difference between classic 5-card poker, where a player cannot be forced to lose a hand when they don't have enough chips to pay a bet.

When this happens, by going all-in, he could be eligible to win the portion of the pot equal to the money he put in. This process can be further complicated if more than one player decides to go all-in.

When Is It Better Not To Go All In?

Poker is one of the game modes with the greatest presence in our casino offer. Remember that you can enjoy the one you like the most from your computer and mobile device. In the latter case, we recommend that you try our specific app for poker, a free tool with which you can enjoy the best of this game with maximum features and quality.

As is almost always the case in online poker, you must know when is the best time to go all in. Using it will put your continuity in the tournament or game at risk, so decision-making is vital.

These issues can be seen clearly when we give examples of times when it is not a good idea to go all in. One of them is, without a doubt, when the first player to speak goes all-in already preflop or on the flop. In this case, he may do it because he has a good draw and decides to go all in, or he may have nothing but a lot of chips and go all in to show off his strength.

In the first case, unless you have an excellent hand, it's best not to call because your opponent has a hand that's hard to beat. In the second case, you likely have fewer chips than your opponent, so you shouldn't risk it if you only have a weak draw.

In other situations, it is not worth going all-in in poker. One of them occurs when your opponent uses it on the river, that is, at the end of the round. If you have come to this point in the hand with a small bet, you should not risk betting a lot of chips unless you have a clear winning hand. If so, you will achieve an excellent victory, but we have already warned you that this situation is not too frequent.

When Is It A Good Idea To Go All-In?

Now that you have some practical examples of when it is better not to go all-in, we will know others who may be the best solution. To succeed in this type of a decision, you must master concepts as relevant as odds and pot odds.

Everything about the odds is essential because they will tell you if it is a good idea or not to go all in. To summarize, the basic rule says you should bet if the pot odds are greater than the odds. Although this can help you, you should always play with a cool head and decide based on the moment of the game you are in because it is not always the same.

In addition, if you are in the game and your opponent goes all-in, you cannot call unless you are convinced that you have a 100% winning hand. You can also use it if you have already bet many chips because doing so with a few more may be more than justified.


At the moment, we already have these two essential concepts very clear. We can decide better when to go all out in poker. You have already seen that it is essential to add up the number of chips you have put in the pot and the amount of them you will have to pay. With these two things at your fingertips, you can decide much better if it is correct to continue or fold.

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