Using Optimized Images to Improve SEO Ranking

  1. Image scalability is important

The loading speed of a website is very important. People select and reject websites on the basis of their loading speeds. Other than that, numerous parameters affect the page loading speed including the size of the image. For instance, if an image has a resolution of 2500 X 1000, it would take a much longer time span to load an image with a resolution of 250 X 100. Use best image cropper for the adjustment of sizes.Thus, before you upload an image, adjust its size as it would have an impact on the loading speed. In addition to that, slow websites fail to acquire a good SEO rank. Hence, image size can be ranked as an important factor.

  1. Responsive images are the key

These days, people are using various other devices other than desktops and laptops to look for images. If any of your images is not responsive, it would not adjust according to the screen size of the device being used by the user.
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For instance, consider one user accesses the image using a laptop and the other uses a smartphone with much smaller screen size. The laptop user would obviously not have any problem in accessing the image as the screen size would be big. In the case of the smartphone user, the view would be completely distorted and several clarity issues would be created. Thus, make sure that all your images are responsive.

  1. Keyword-based image titles for optimization

It is a simple principle that if you want your text content to be ranked highly, you have to use keywords according to the preferences of the user. The same principle is also applied in the case of images. If your primary keyword is “mobile phones”, the image should not have the default name like “DSC1244”. Instead, use a file name that includes the keyword. For instance, considering the above keyword “mobile phones”, you can label the image with a file name “mobile phone 1”. This would help the user in locating the image.

  • Visual content is very important these days and certain people are only interested in viewing images and videos. The important thing is that they should be able to search for your product image. This would obviously be possible if the image has a keyword-based title.


Images not only add color and uniqueness to the overall layout but also encourage the users to spend time. Written text obviously presents a boring appearance irrespective of how captivating and interesting the content is. Thus, to get good SEO ranks these days, adding images is a productive tactic.


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