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Using VPNs To Keep Your Internet Connection Private

When it comes to using a VPN it is good to remember why you need a VPN in the first place. A VPN or Virtual Private Network is a platform that allows you to safely and privately surf the web. This brings us to two key factors when choosing a VPN and that’s safety and privacy. 

Is the VPN safe? Does it provide a secure connection for you to use over the internet? These are questions you should be asking of your chosen VPN. A good VPN will provide you with safe connections on any site you choose to look at. 

Does the VPN provide you with anonymity? Is your data private or is the VPN storing your user data? You want to look for a VPN that will give you total anonymity when you browse the web. This means that when you are active on the internet the VPN will mask your IP so that it appears as if you are active elsewhere in the world. Another aspect of anonymity which is important is how private your personal data is. 

When using a VPN to browse the internet, you are using their servers to connect to the internet which means that they can see whatever data you put on to the web and potentially store all that information. VPNs have been known to sell this data to third party’s to help sell adverts and spread malicious software. 

This is why it is important to read reviews about VPNs, especially free VPNs, to see if they keep your personal data private. Free VPNs don’t take money from people subscribing to their service, therefore, they are more likely to try and sell your personal information to third parties. Not all free VPNs do this though so just remember to do your research. 

The final point to consider is practicality: what do you intend to use the VPN for? There are different VPNs out there that specialize in performing different tasks. If you want to anonymously surf the web then a VPN that specializes in masking IP addresses will be perfect for you. If you wish to access sites that are usually not accessible then using a VPN that specializes in accessibility is right for you.

A good all-around VPN to use is Safervpn. This paid VPN specializes in accessibility, privacy, and security. For a list of awesome VPN blogs, check out these VPN articles.

How do you use a VPN? Well, first you will need to determine on what platform (windows, mac, etc.) you want to use it on. You can get VPN software on to your computer from most VPN software websites or you can use a mobile device and download a VPN app from the app store. You can even get a SaferVPN router!

Next, you must consider how many people are going to need access to the VPN servers. If you are an individual you can pay for a 1-month, 1-year or 2-year subscription to the VPN. If you are a company then you should consider business or enterprise packages.

Picking the right package for your personal situation is going to be ever so important. If you choose the wrong the package, then usually you will be able to go back to your VPN providers and change it, but it is always better to get the right package for you straight off the bat.

If you are still confused after reading VPN articles, then you can always call the VPN company for help, send an email and request a sales call, and even better still some VPN software providers will have a real-time live chat facility on their website so you can speak with a representative and get immediate answers and solutions.

Using software VPN services for businesses is, in fact, one of the cheapest solutions out there. Your alternative is to use a CISCO router that would cost your business a heft fee not just for the equipment but for skilled personnel to set it up and maintain it. While using a VPN software provider will give you access to a support team 24/7 and what’s more is that these support services are all part of the service so come at no extra cost to your business.

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