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UX Testing: A Part of Website Testing

User Experience testing is also termed as UX testing. This type of test is much required for your website application. UX testing is important for your website because you website application must contain many number of pages and products which needs to be evaluated in details.

UX Testing plays an important role while converting normal visitors visiting your website to genuine customers. It is also seen from previous experiments some website applications gain 50 percent customers if they implement this testing method.

Magnetic North Study one of the renowned UX Testing Agency revealed that a company may lose 90 percent of its customers for poor user experience. Out of 90 percent, 30 percent of the customers leave online shopping cart just because of poor user experience.

It gives a clear picture of the scenario that user experience testing is directly proportional to visitor conversion into real customers.

After detail study of UX Testing, you must be wondering what UX Testing actually is?

Your website application contains various products with different usage. There are many portions of your website that are usable to users. Thus, UX Testing determines the interaction of user with the website application elements.

UX Testing also determine how users respond to your website. Their reactions and their feedbacks are much valuable for your website. No matter what type of business website you have, whether it is B2B, B2C, service website or E-Commerce website, UX testing or User Experience Testing is of much importance. This type of user experience testing finds out the weak areas of your website and helps sorting those problems with efficiency.

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How User Experience Testing is beneficial for your website?

After a lot of efforts, you have built a website application just to for your product sales. This can be only achieved if your website application is more usable and user friendly. Selling a product through your website is not just enough, your target will be to increase your product sales. And for these reasons user experience testing is important.

User Experience Testing or UX Testing evaluates the response of user towards your website applications. By means of user experience testing method direct feedback from users can be obtained and as a result you will be able to find the areas where your website application needs some changes and improvement. User Experience Testing helps in influencing customers to visit your website application and turn into a potential customer, not just a visitor.

Check List Required during User Experience Testing

All the things that a user requires must be fulfilled through your website. The participants performing the User Experience test must conduct the test as a user, not just mechanical testing. Few areas where foremost attention is required:

·Proper navigation to all places.

·Products are easily accessed.

·Comfortable checking out.

·Proper Search Bar.

·Convenient Payment Method.

How Proper User Experience Testing is Achieved?

While performing User Experience Testing you need to continuously obtain user feedback by means of any kind of feedback forms or any video recording, live conversations etc.

We will discuss about various steps of user experience test in our next blog. Hope you enjoyed reading our blog and gained some knowledge about UX Testing.

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