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Valentine Gifts which are perfect for Serenading

Valentine Gifts for Girlfriend

Valentine Day may be a single day celebrated on the 14th of February, which officially celebrates love; however, by the time New Year celebration ends, the excitement for Valentine takes over. Maybe that’s why Valentine Day has unofficially extended into Valentine’s Week; a perfect excuse for lovers all over the world to bask in the blissful moments and performing lovely gestures for your beloved. These special days of the Valentine week are usually reserved for different romantic gestures incorporating roses, hugs, kisses, promises, and proposals. In short, this week is nothing short of a romantic serenade with gifts instead of musical entertainment. So this Valentine season, court your partner and with these online Valentine Day gifts that contain a special message, and are perfect for serenading. Serenading means giving full reign to your emotions to fully express your heart’s desire, and the gifts listed below do the same.


Popularized by the Victorians, flowers are the ultimate symbol to express love. These elegant blooms have a sophisticated charm that enamors everybody. The most expressive of all gestures, flowers contain a subtlety about them that remains unrivaled for centuries. Therefore, flowers are the most romantic gift to court your partner. You can either ask her on a date for Valentine with a bunch of them or have an extravagant bouquet delivered at her office in the midst of oohs and aah’s from her colleagues. On Valentine, send a special message with each flower symbolizing a different meaning to define your relationship.


There’s nothing more celebratory than cakes, the sweet dessert that brings a smile to everyone’s faces. This Valentine you can always delight your loved one with a Valentine-themed cake and celebrate the sweet camaraderie between you two. These cakes could be anything from a tiered monstrosity or an ordinary fondant cake. You can customize it according to your will with common everyday flavors or explore some new ones like red velvet and cheesecake. These cakes will be a sweet addition to your serenade act and a perfect Valentine gift for girlfriend.

Gift Baskets

These all in one gift baskets are one of the best online Valentine Gifts with your entire favorite goodie products in one single package. The best thing about these gift baskets and hampers is that they can be customized according to your lover’s personality or likings. You can include anything from healthcare products like green tea sachets, protein bars, fruits and sweets along with makeup products and even tech gadgets. These gift baskets are proof that love comes in all shapes and sizes and suitable for all occasions and tops the list for birthday gifts options.


Impress your girl with a bottle of perfume or cologne which delights the senses. Whatever type of smell she favors; from musk to lavender, or rose and sandalwood this sweet swelling bottle can even be customized. With a fragrance that overpowers her senses, your aromatic gift will remind her of you every time she applies it. Coming in fancy glass bottles, these perfume cases will be a great addition to her dressing table.

A Valentine Day-Out

Everybody loves a day out, especially one where they get to do their favorite things. In this fast-paced life, a Valentine Day out with your special somebody certainly sounds like heaven. This Valentine’s Day, take out some time from your busy schedule and celebrate with it with your partner. Time is no less than a gift and spending it with your loved one is a special sacrifice which you both will definitely cherish. You can always plan a picnic in the park or go around the city, painting it red. This day out may not be a conventional Valentine gift for girlfriend but something she would love to do again.

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