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Valve Index Extension Cables


Of all the topnotch and high-end VR headsets available in the gaming market, Valve Index is one of these. The Valve Index VR headset not only scores high in terms of aesthetic appeal but is extremely performance-driven as well. Not only does the Valve Index offer an impressive display resolution, but it also comes with spectacular audio and finger-tracking controllers.

You’ll be simply immersed in gameplay for hours on end, thanks to the ergonomic design of the Index’s VR headset. However, as it is with most VR headset brands, you’ll indispensably need some accessories for making the most of Index. Some of these vital accessories include the VR headset cover, anti-slip skin, VR headset stand, prescription lenses, and extension cables.

If you’re a hardcore gamer, you’re aware that you need a large play area for an immersive gaming experience. However, the standard cable supplied by OEMs is not long enough to connect your gaming PC with the VR headset if the two devices are far apart from each other. On the other hand, placing the VR headset and the gaming desktop in the same room keeps you from moving around freely.

You can solve this problem by adding an extension cable to your VR gaming setup.     

Why would you need to go for extension cables?

You’ll feel like keeping yourself immersed in gameplay for hours on end, especially if you have a spacious play area. You can install the gaming PC at one end of the room while you spin around in the VR realm in another place. However, you may not be able to connect the PC to your Valve Index headset using the included DP-to-DP and USB-A cables.

And this is precisely where you need extension cables. Extension cables having a length of at least six feet enable you to easily connect your Index VR headset with the desktop in a large room. Extension cables offer you the leeway to shift from one place to another or move around in a spacious room liberally.

Extension cables: Downsides

Extension cables, like any other VR headset accessory, have their own downsides or drawbacks. The very lengthiness of extension cables for which you choose the fitting in the first place can become a hindrance. If you keep the cables on the floor, there is always the possibility of your tripping over them as and when you move around.

You can easily manage your extension cables by keeping them organized using an efficient and versatile cable management system. However, the major problem you’re most likely to face when you use extension cables is a considerable drop in signal strength. To solve this issue, you’ll have to use active extension cables that come with copper conductors linked to gold-plated electronic connectors or circuits.

Active cable extensions help boost up signal strength, eventually letting you make the most of your VR gaming.    

Use a booster for boosting up data transmission speed

More often than not, using extension cables could weaken the signal strength and reduce data transmission speed, thereby affecting gameplay. You can get around this obstacle by going for a booster that can help maintain or boost signal strength. The signal booster enhances signal receptiveness potential, enabling faster data transmission in a 60-65ft DP-DP cable.

You can check out StarTech’s DisplayPort Signal Booster reinforced with 4K resolution and perfectly compatible with DisplayPort technology.

 Keeping the extensions cables out of your way

There’s always the likelihood of your feet getting entangled in the cables strewn across the floor, and you trip over. You already have OEM cables to manage, and on top of that, if you add an extension, you’ll find yourself in a tangled mess. You can use a robust cable & wire management system for organizing your extension cables and minimize the chances of trips.

You can take advantage of cable management solutions to keep your extension cables from getting knotted as you explore the VR realm. There are umpteen cable management systems you can use for preventing clutter, including but not limited to cable trays, wire ducts, cable ties, and bundlers. You can install one or more of these cable & wire management systems in your play area for keeping extension cables organized.

CableMatters 8K Display Port-to-Display Port Cable with Video Resolution and HDR Support, 16-Ft

  • Supports video resolution up to 8K (7680 x 4320) including full HD (1080p) 4K Ultra HD, and 5K (5120 x [email protected])
  • DisplayPort1.4 cable provides excellent support for DSC1.2 display stream compression, FEC forward error rectification, 32.4 Gbps bandwidth, and HBR-3 high-bandwidth
  • This DP-to-DP extension cable is backward compatible with DisplayPort1.2 peripherals
  • The DisplayPort cable hook up your GTX VGA card to a gaming PC including the Samsung LC49HG90DMNXZ, Acer Predator XB271HU, Samsung C27HG70, and Dell Ultra HD 4K P2715Q
  • This DisplayPort to Display Port cable sustains seamless audio pass-through for uncompressed or unzipped digital 2, 7.1 or 5.1 channels
  • Capable of transmitting 144Hz signals, this DP-to-DP cable blends foil & braided shielding, bare copper conductors, and gold-plated connectors for consistent performance
  • Latched DP cable connector ensures safe and sound connectivity via a release button that needs to be pressed before unplugging
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