Valves, Its types and its industry in India


In this article we look at the importance of valves, their various variants and the booming industry of valves in India. First of all, we should know what does a valve basically mean. Valve has two meanings, biological and mechanical. Here we are interested in the valves used in industries.

 A valve is a mechanical device, used to control the flow of liquid or pressure of gases, change the direction of their flow. It is extensively used in various sectors, like petroleum, in nuclear power plants, fertilizer, paper manufacturing, Textile industry and many others. Pressure Safety Valve India is such a basic and essential item in factories and machines that it used by almost all the manufacturing industries.

There are many varieties of valves used in industries:

·         Pressure relief valve

·         Cast Steel Gate Valve


·         Thermal Relief Valve

·         Pressure Regulator ones

·         Automatic Valves

And hundreds of others

Importance of the valves

The valves are the backbone of any industry. Once the lockdown was lifted, the RBI (Reserve Bank of India) and the IMF (International Monetary Fund) predicted that the economy if India will grow at the rate of more than 10%. The main sectors vital for this growth is, Oil & Gas, IT industry, Petrochemicals, Renewable source of energy, infrastructure and etc. And each of this sector requires heavy use of valves in their factories and warehouses. So, we can say that valve industry is the need of every manufacturing and processing sector.

Not only in India, the need to convert to renewable sources of energy is next big thing going to happen after globalization. England has predicted that by 2025 it will become a 100% consumer of renewable energy sources. India also, gave the estimate till 2050. And to make this change happen, valves industry needs to speed up the production of valves. It is one of the few sectors that have recovered at a high rate from the from the lockdown.

Valves in Nation’s economy

The use of Pressure Relief Valve India ranges from our home, in the water container and in the water filter to the production plants of industries, where the valve controls the pressure required for the chemical process to happen.

The financial daily, economic times in one of its articles predicted that the valves industry currently have the total market capitalization of 1 Billion US Dollar, which is expected to cross 3 Billion US Dollar by the year 2023.

Talking about the distinct varieties, the pressure relief valve is the most basic one, it controls the pressure of the system and maintains the optimum pressure which is needed for the physiochemical process to occur.

The altogether new type of valves

Cast Steel Gate Valves Manufacturers defines the valves which provide little or no resistance. It is used to completely open or completely closed the flow of liquid. It is no regulating function, but a sort of on or off switch which can make them apart from the typical other valves.

Thermal Relief Valve from the name anyone can guess that it deals with regulation of steam or pressure from the system. In buildings, the pipes exposed to the air expands and contracts and this results in the change of flow of liquid inside the pipe. In such a situation, thermal relief valves, gives a passage to the air to exit and bring back the flow to the normal.

Automated valves in India

Pressure Regulator Valve keeps the check of the pressure in the system to keep the adequate pressure for the respective chemical process to function.

Automatic Valves as the name suggests do not require any external force to function like the other ones. The sensors respond to the increase or decrease in the flow of liquid or change in the air pressure. It is the advanced version of the previous ones.

Who gets the valves?

Generally, the valves you use daily at your home are not fixed by you alone. They are to be fixed by the experts and hence there is need for calling the experts into action. On the other hand, the valves that you find fitted in industrial products and home items are also fixed at industrial level only. Hence, this the item that is extensively used at the industrial level, but yes, you can find them at your home appliances, starting from a washing machine to the cooking utilities.

India is having lots of Cast Steel Gate Valves Manufacturers and they all are equipped to support both the companies, factories and your household needs.