Thursday, September 28, 2023
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Vanities with a sink for a Bathroom from Marble Quality at Affordable Prices

Recently, sink made of artificial stone, also called cat marble countertops, have become increasingly popular. What are the advantages of artificial stone counters? Why, out of the whole variety of ceramic, metal, glass, wooden, and natural stone washbasins, should you choose an artificial stone sink?
So the benefits:

  • Variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. Different manufacturers have an incredible variety of sinks of all shapes and sizes, all colors and shades. And this is even if we are only talking about mass production. Suppose we want something extraordinary, something unique, something that only we have. In that case, it is an artificial stone that allows us to realize the most daring and even the strangest fantasies regarding the bathroom's interior. Among the entire range of cast marble sinks, you can choose a product for any design, for any style of bathroom.
  • Maintainability. Artificial stone sinks are easy to repair. Any chips or scratches that may appear on the product during operation can be quickly restored and sanded. Therefore, even after ten or more years of using the product, it can quickly regain its original appearance.
  • Hygiene, lack of pores. The material and production technology assume that the shells made of artificial stone do not have even the smallest pores on their surface, which helps avoid "absorption" of even microparticles of dirt into the surface of the product.
  • Tactile appeal. Artificial stone washbasins are very pleasant to the touch. The sensations when you wash your face in the morning in a sink of, say, a peach shade and very soft and pleasing to the touch are great! This, at least slightly, but it cheers you up. And in the evening, on the contrary, it will help you to relax.

Also, the advantages of artificial stone washbasins are:

  • durability and resistance to impact and abrasion
  • thermal and moisture resistance
    A home bathroom, first of all, should be functional and comfortable. Today, a universal solution in interior design is a vanity unit with a washbasin for the bathroom. Such a piece of furniture in one fell swoop will help solve several problems. Firstly, it will hide from the eyes all unnecessary insides - pipes and siphons of plumbing communications. Secondly, it will create a vital space in a small bathroom for storing things: personal care products, cosmetics, essentials, etc.

The American manufacturer of plumbing fixtures made of reconstituted marble, Lexora presents various vanities with a washbasin for the future buyer to choose from.
The sink and countertop of the product are made of cast marble. Modern casting technology allows you to combine the features of natural components - marble chips and the advantages of synthetic materials. Lexora products are of high quality, durability, and wear resistance.

The wooden cabinet of the curbstone is made of modern moisture-resistant materials: this allows it to be confidently used in an aggressive bathroom environment. The manufacturer uses high-quality German brand fittings. Your belongings will be stored in drawers with closers, which are necessary for the silent closing of the drawer door.

The manufacturing company Lexora offers the choice of its client vanities with a sink made of cast marble in two types of design: the more traditional floor-standing and the hanging type. In the assortment of the New Bathroom Style bathroom supply store, you can find the option that will best suit your interior. For example, the Lexora luxury bathroom vanity collection features the popular Jacques floor cabinet - with a rectangular imitation marble sink and two large drawers. This washbasin with a bathroom cabinet is quick and easy to install on adjustable legs.

A wall unit with a sink is mounted on the wall using brackets. New Bathroom Style can offer a compact model Constantia with one or two drawers. These models of pedestals can be completed with any mentoring presented in the collection of the online store of sinks. Depending on your bathroom planning ideas, you can choose a vanity unit with a washbasin, for example, a rectangular one. Another great example from the Constantia collection is the bathroom cabinet with a recessed rectangular sink.

It should be noted that, in different installation options. At the request of the customer, an artificial marble sink can be installed either on the cabinet or built into the surface of the countertop. The advantage of cast marble countertops is worn resistance, protection from microcracks and dampness.
American manufacturer - Lexora company - offers a line of high-quality sanitary ware made of artificial stone. The online store assortment includes a collection of models of sinks and washbasins, shower trays, countertops, and related products at affordable prices from the manufacturer. A warranty and post-warranty service cover all products. The Calacatta Marble floor is perfect for a bedroom. As it is famous for its durability, enchanting designs, timeless shine, and diverse range of colors. When you’re building a new home or renovating your home. So, you’re under the stress of choosing a type of flooring for the home

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