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Vanity Numbers Increase Business Sales and are Easy to Remember

When people think of the word “vanity” they mostly associate it with a person who is conceited or stuck up. They also might think of a special piece of furniture that is primarily used for storage. However, the word vanity can be used for other things as well. Did you know that there is such thing as a vanity number? Yes, vanity numbers exist. What is a vanity number? Keep reading to know the answer to this question and to discover how a vanity number can elevate a business.

An Explanation of a Vanity Number

A vanity number is provided to a business from a telephone company for the purpose of advertising, marketing, and branding. The numbers that are given to a business are designed to showcase its name and to make it more memorable to customers and consumers. The sequence of numbers provided in a vanity number serves this purpose. The numbers are often arranged according to a business's name, a catchphrase associated with a business or the products or services that it sells.

How does a vanity number work?

When it comes to utilizing a vanity number, businesses often use letters in place of numbers to represent their company. For example, if a business is named “Taco King” they could get a vanity number that reads: 1-800-TACO-KING. Consumers would call 1-800-822-6546 ext 4 because this is the numeric representation for the name Taco King. Keep in mind that American phone numbers do not utilize an 8 digit code. Since normal telephone numbers do not function in this way, the last digit on an 8 digit vanity number is an automatic extension that routes the caller to a specific phone line. An answering service, call center or a business messenger service might pick up when a person calls. Also, a vanity number can take you directly to the business.

Businesses also utilize vanity numbers by designating numerical placement. Many radio or television (news programs) stations often use numbers for their vanity phone codes. For example, a radio station's frequency can be used in a vanity number. A radio station with a frequency of 98.5 could have a vanity number that is 1-800-985-0985. A television station with the call sign of WXYM Channel 7 News could have a vanity number that reads: 1-800-777-WXYM or 1-800-777-9996.

Why are vanity numbers so important to businesses?

One of the primary reasons why vanity numbers are also useful is because of their recall rate. Studies about vanity numbers reveal that these unique phone codes are easy for consumers to remember. People retain vanity numbers 75% more often than regular phone numbers with a numeric code. They also remember them more than 78% of the time over URLs as well. A survey also revealed that half of all participants were able to remember a vanity number in a radio commercial. This recall rate for consumers is extremely important. What this means is that vanity numbers can increase sales leads (or actual sales) by at least 50%.

When a business uses a vanity number they will also improve and increase their branding. Vanity numbers improve a business's presence by helping people to identify with it quickly. When a consumer knows the vanity number of a business, they can quickly call the enterprise when they want to buy a product or service related to the organization.

The Key to Selecting the Right Type of Vanity Number

Choosing the right type of vanity number can be a hard thing to do. This is because most vanity numbers have already been taken. One way that enterprises can get around this issue is by selecting a description of their business instead of a phrase about what they do. For example, if a bakery specializes in bagels they could use the vanity number 1-800-GET-BAGELS. This number explains the specialty product that a bakery normally sells to a customer. Businesses should remember to select a number that relates to their products or services.

How to Select a Vanity Number

Businesses should also consider having more than one type of vanity number that would help to brand and promote their organization. However, using one main number for advertisements and marketing is very wise. A business is wise to select a number that has not been used before. Keep in mind that some vanity numbers can be repeatedly used if they are only marketed by local enterprises within certain cities.

For example, a pizza shop in New York City can use 1-800-EAT-PIZZA as a vanity number and a pizza shop in Phoenix can also utilize the same vanity code in their metropolitan area. Companies that advertise nationally must be careful about selecting common vanity numbers. This can mislead or confuse consumers. Ultimately, vanity numbers help customers and consumers to remember an organization and the product or service they provide.

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