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Vaping Myths and the Scientific Evidence that confutes them!


With each day passing, it seems as if the well-recognized media is pushing yet another public health crisis linked with vaping. One of the recent reports surfacing online asserts that electronic cigarettes can cause brain seizures. Another trumped-up story claims that teens are juuling in such massive quantities that high school principals are even considering ripping the doors off of the washrooms. If we go by stats, the explosive growth of Juul pods, juul vaporizer kits and juul vape has brought about an increase of more than 600% in one year (2018). And the number of young adults of 18-21 years of age who tried Juul vape witnessed a surge more than 400% from July 2017 to October 2018.

But most of these ridiculous allegations are utter fantasy designed to spread fear and wrong information and keep all the smokers hooked on the tobacco cigarettes, which is actually very harmful. So let us unravel few of the more myths paving their way onto social media platforms, and also the scientific evidence that contradicts them.


  • Myth 1- Vaping is as fatal as Smoking

Just because an electronic cigarette produces a white crest of vapor that resembles to the white smoke of a tobacco cigarette does not automatically mean that they both are equally deadly to one’s health. Well, thinking so is just stupidity, but the irony is that’s many people actually think.

According to a 2017 press release, the medical publication Lung Disease News declared that vaping is undoubtedly not as deadly as smoking. The researchers clearly stated that most e-cigarettes had cancer potencies that were actually less than 1 percent of cigarette smoking.


  • Myth 2- Vaping is a doorway to Smoking

US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) publicly states that national smoking rates across all areas are at record lows, even amongst the teenagers.  Obviously, vaping among teenagers is on the rise, but would public health officials experiment with smoking instead?

There are various studies which validate that experimentation with e-cigarettes at a young age actually acts more like a roadblock to smoking than as a gateway.


  • Vaping leads to Cancer

This is however the most absurd falsehood of all. While both cigarettes and vapor products contain nicotine, but it is not the nicotine that kills and small amount of nicotine is not carcinogenic. And if that were true at all, no cone could eat eggplants, tomatoes, or potatoes.

The most significant difference between vapor products and nicotine cigarettes is that e-liquids used in vaping are 100 percent tobacco-free, and therefore, tar-free. Therefore, it’s evident that e-cigarettes are considerably less cancer-causing than smoking.


So don’t just get swept away by any false vaping gust. Because the reality is vaping doesn’t harms you even 1 percent of tobacco smoking.

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