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Varieties of gold chain designs to choose from

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Choosing the right gold necklace might sound easy because it depends on one’s choice but there are so many options that one can be easily put into dilemma.

Yes, you can always have the option to switch in your jewellery items.  You can find the options that are as per your specific requirement. Whether you want the necklace, a gem set, a gem ring, gem earrings or anything else; you would get it all. Even the small gems strings look stunning in the ears. You can simply pick the one that fits your ear size and flaunt it easily. You would never find these jewellery items disappointing if you look for them in a proper manner. It is time that you won the ideal and stunning looking jewellery items with you.

When going for gold chains or necklaces it is better to get a perspective about the different styles and designs that are available before plunging into an impulsive buy. One must know more about the material and designs before they buy.

Here are some gold necklace designs that one can think of:

Herringbone Chains

This kind of chain is perfect for any casual outing and outfit or for a formal meeting. In this design there is a sequence of parallel, flat and short links in an offset pattern. Here the design is kind of unusual and one can just add a dash of style in their outfit by wearing it. This one is best without a pendant and addition of precious stones look like a burden in this design.

Box Chains

They contain blocks instead of circular links and the chain also lies flat on the skin. The fashion statement can be quite different after wearing this chain and it looks very sophisticated. There are smaller sized box designs with the pendant or a thicker one without any pendant.

Anchor Chains

This is a very stunning design when it comes to gold necklaces and anchor chains can always elevate one’s look. This design is full of sophistication and here the chain links are oval with a vertical bar at the centre of each link. This design is also known as the mariner chains because the design is made with the reference to the type of chains attached to anchor a boat.

Bead Chains

This is a very attractive piece of jewellery and it can be worn with a pendant. Beads can be small, large or medium and one can also go for some statement pieces.

Gemstone Chains

One can also make gold gemstone necklaces which is another plain chain design with tiny gemstones embedded in it. They can be various gemstones throughout the chain or else one can take a single gemstone and use it as a pendant with the gold chain.

Byzantine Chains

This is a very strong gold chain as the link of it passes through four other. The necklace looks supple and flexible at the same time. It is a bold piece for a woman to wear.

Cuban Chain

This is a type of chain which one can see worn by the rappers. Here, the chain is ornate and chunky in most cases. They are slightly flattened and the set links are close to each other.

Figaro Chain

They have a constant pattern and repeating links. In most cases they have longer links and in some rectangular links.

There are plenty of other gold chain designs that one can think of. Before buying any gold chain one must check if the metal is authentic or not. One must only go for 22 karat chains which come with an authentication certificate.


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