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Various Important of Office Refurbishment

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Office refurbishment is an important strategic activity which needs time, efforts, finance and decision-making skills. It refers to space allocation and renovation of pre-existing office units through addition or upgradation of facilities, making it technologically smarter. Each and every office has its own set of unique requirements. So, there is no one specific size that befits all offices.

No one wants to have an office where there is limited storage capacity since it can create problems with the crucial business functions. Refurbishing Office helps in creating a reformulated atmosphere for employee motivation, a significant factor in boosting productivity.

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When and Why the Refurbishing Is Required?

Office refurbishment is required in many cases including the following.

  • Expansion: In case of business expansion, there will be an increase in the number of recruits or working staff. The refurbishment of office helps in reorganizing the space, enabling people to work comfortably.
  • Contraction: In case of recession, the number of employees is reduced. Vacant seats affect staff morale. The space can be reorganized by introducing new facilities. This step will help employees to stay focused and renew their interests in their job.
  • Incorporation of upgraded facilities: Business units must constantly try to consider existing layout and facilities and how they could be improved for better space utilization. The upgradation of facilities helps a firm in becoming technologically smarter.
  • Legal policies: Office refurbishment is required for compliance with Environmental policies and other upcoming policies introduced by the government.
  • Health & safety: Refurbishment of office helps in making it safer and health boosting. You can request the designer to change settings so that there is inflow of plenty of natural light into the room, creating a salubrious atmosphere. The staff can work with full concentration in busy hours and also relax in the interim phases. There must be enough scope for staff members to collaborate or work in teams.
  • Green marketing:  Office refurbishment strategies can help in green marketing or attracting clients by displaying their eco-friendly initiatives.
  • Brand image: Office refurbishment project helps in creating better brand image before business prospects. Refurbishment also helps to reinforce or modify brand image.

Refurbishment of Office Is A Step by Step Procedure

If you own a company and are planning a brand-new space for refurbishment, it gets difficult to decide where to begin from. This is why it is better to apply refurbishment in a step by step manner. This will facilitate the smooth functioning of office projects and office refurbishment will be done in an effective way.

Things to Keep in Mind During Refurbishment

  1. While planning a refurbishment it is much required that a firm takes into account the trends or challenges likely to come in 5 years from present state.
  2. During the refurbishment, office head must take care that the regular official operations or functions do not get affected.
  3. Must sit in groups to decide what is good about the current workplace. Then people can think of how to change it for the better.

     Possible problems in current office set up are:

  1. Absence of regular communication.
  2. Insufficient space.

    4. A person must clearly identify the reasons for office refurbishment to decide the best plan. Office owners can take the decision by consultancy with the cross departmental team and other quality staff.

Planners and consultants must figure out how the new workplace will look like, after refurbishment. They must seriously decide according to the ultimate aim which may include the following.

  1. Embracing new technology
  2. Adopting new and flexible style of working.
  3. Increasing collaboration
  4. Raising creativity to make the ideal reception.

Expenditures in Office Refurbishment

Since an office refurbishment is a major investment for an organization, it is very important to ensure that it goes well with the budget of the company. Expenditures of office refurbishment depend upon the following factors:

  1. Type of building and space
  2. Quality of finishing work
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