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Various Types of Heat Exchangers

Exodraft is a Denmark based company that manufactures most of the heat recovery mechanical machines using which many big names in the manufacturing industry save a lot of money that is used for payment of energy bills. The company offers a wide range of heat exchangers (Varmeveksler) that are used according to the situations and circumstances. Among several different types of heat exchangers one is the most popular among big manufacturers and that is known as tube heat exchanger (Varmeveksler).

In tube heat exchangers the heat can be easily shifted from one conductor of heat to the other through a tube heat exchanger (Varmeveksler). The heat gets transferred form the hottest part of the material to the coldest part.

Two heat conducting materials are kept apart in a heat exchanger and are not kept out of touch. The heat conductors in most cases are liquids but gases can also be put into use.

The effectiveness of the heat transfer largely depends upon the difference in temperature of materials. The more is the difference in temperature the more amount of heat energy can be transferred. The increased temperature difference may mean that the surface area of heat transfer in tube heat exchanger (Varmeveksler) is smaller as compared to other heat exchangers.

The functions of plate heat exchangers are almost the same as tube heat exchanger but the main difference between the two is that the plate heat exchangers (Varmeveksler) have larger area for transfer of heat and the tube heat exchanger (Varmeveksler) has a comparatively smaller surface for heat transfer. As the plate heat exchangers have larger heat exchange surface in short space it is a bit more efficient as compared to tube heat exchanger.

Making the right choice of heat exchangers (Varmeveksler) depends upon the materials used for heat conduction, local conditions, temperature and the pressure.

Construction and Design Of Pipe Heat Exchangers

The pipe heat exchanger manufactured by Exodraft consists of some pipes that lead the heating conducting material a cylinder envelops the pipes as well as the deflection terminals that ignite a counter-current which accelerates the final transfer of heat. The price of the pipe heat exchangers depends upon a number of important factors that include the size of the machine, the size of the inner tubes and the quality of the material used in the production of the pipe heat exchanger. All the tubular gas heat exchangers available with Exodraft are made of titanium or stainless steel. A pipe heat exchanger is made with a container that has several bundles of small sized pipes. The pipe heat exchangers can be called the oldest type of heat exchangers ever used by human beings. They have been in use for over a century.

 When you are looking for an effective heat exchanger you should never get confused and go with the choice of the public, and according to the majority of industries the plate heat exchangers are the most preferred choice of the industries, as they are small in size and big in efficiency.

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