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CBD is a prevailing compound in the market that is beneficial for many illnesses, pains, and skin conditions. Many brands have started making CBD-based products. Usually, the best CBD online store sells out CBD products with instructions, procedures, how to take it and what for. All the information is available on the product description or anywhere else on the website. It is possible to take CBD-based products orally, apply them to the skin, or inhale them. 

The most common way of consuming CBD is via the mouth. Whether CBD is consumed in capsules, liquids, or food, it is absorbed by the digestion system. As a result, absorption is slow, and dosing can be tricky because of the lingering effects (when taken one to two hours after ingesting the capsule), stomach acid effects, food intake, and so forth.

If the right dosage for capsules is determined, one can use CBD products daily, however, experts discourage taking CBD through edibles because the dosage is unreliable. Edibles, like gummies and cookies, contain CBD but are not in child-proof containers and are difficult to measure the dose. Hence, children should be kept away from edibles, just as they should be kept away from any prescribed medicines.

Sublingually using sprays or tinctures (via dropper) of CBD is effective in absorbing the compound quickly. There may be a bad taste, but effects can be felt within a few minutes of consumption. To find some of the best CBD tincture, make sure you check its potency level and ingredient checklist. The top products contain sundried hemp-derived CBD from US farms. 

Another common way of taking CBD is by applying on the skin. A topical application via CBD-infused lotions and balms applies directly to the skin around a painful joint. Topical products are not known to penetrate the skin below the surface and include active ingredients found in many over-the-counter products, like menthol, or capsaicin, so it is difficult to determine if a benefit comes from CBD or not.

Many people prefer to inhale CBD. Yes, you read that right. The typical way to do that is via vapes, vape pen, or vaporizing, however, inhaling vapor oils and chemicals associated with vaporizing may risk unknown health issues, especially among those who suffer from osteoarthritis. It is one of the base reasons why vaping CBD is still being studied. Many experts do not recommend vapid CBD, since a high number of hospitalizations and deaths have been connected to it.

What is the recommended amount?

Now comes the question of the quantity, while many people use CBD products, they are still unsure of the right amount of quantity. Despite the fact that there are no standardized treatment recommendations for adults, many medical experts recommend to go slow if you are a beginner. Once the effects start to take place, one may increase the dose until it shows promising results. However, it is recommended to not use more product than necessary. If the CBD effects are visible within 1 and 2 hours, it is completely normal. The effects however may vary when taking CBD in its different forms.  

Any liquid form CBD extract (oils & tinctures) is always fused with a base oil, which means its CBD potency can be measured by calculating the exact amount of these two compounds. So if you are taking it sublingually, we recommend you to not exceed your dose more than 2 drops a day. Increasing the dose by that same percentage will provide relief if it isn't satisfactory after one week. In case of need, increase by small amounts over a period of time. If the CBD dose relieves the pain, take it twice daily to maintain an even blood level of CBD. 

The final Word

CBD may not be for you if you do not find relief with any of its product for several weeks. Use of CBD products should be discontinued immediately if any unwanted side effects occur.


Daniel Zayas
Daniel Zayas
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