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Various writing opportunities to make you energize


Essay competitions in India have always been a physical event when visualize through the lenses of rural India and traditional writers. Partly, it may be true, because finding really authenticates writing contests organizers is bit difficult. Essay writing is actually good for not just the students, but the creative writers as well; as it will help stimulate their brains while honing the writing skill. Monomousumi, a multilingual writing platform, is already made a niche among the writing fraternity with its flagship Monthly International Essay Contest.  It has come up with various activities for writing lovers including online monthly International Essay Contest. The result of the essay contest was announced recently where winners were announced for below and above 14 years old categories. Winners were divided in different groups namely, First, Second, Third, Outstanding and Praiseworthy to encourage more writers.  Selected essays submitted by participants will be compiled in the form of a free to read or download digital magazine WEAVER to engage the creative minds in more indulging ways, which would also consist of Stories, Poems, Puzzles, Quiz, Know-How, etc. The digital magazine will be edited by participants from different parts of the world as a team, who do not even know each other. The objective is to expose the participants with the various intricacies of creating a magazine concerning editing, designing, proofreading, formatting, etc. The contents will be selected from the submitted contents by various participants. This magazine has a collection of excellent write up on different topics by people of all the age groups from different parts of the world and the brain tonic puzzles and many more fun-filled interesting, innovative things. Getting an opportunity to publish their write up in the top class magazine would drive the participants to write even better and hone their writing skills. 

It is an initiative by a non-commercial writing platform, Monomorium, who has been organizing a registration free monthly international essay writing contest for two age groups namely, below and above 18 years old, since May 2018, every month without a break. Hundreds of contestants participate in the Monthly International Essay Contest from various parts of the world, where they have the opportunity to win trophies, prizes, and certificates.  Apart from the winner, other contestants also receive participation certificates.


The new topic is announced at the very beginning of the month so that the participants have almost 25 days to come up with their ideas about the given topic. The topics are chosen so that the participants get the urge to do some research on the topic. While searching, they get decent ideas about the topic. It has a team of highly educated professionals who are creating a lot of opportunities for the participants to sharpen their writing and communication skills to give back to the society in some innovative ways, without hampering their daily routine of professional jobs. Recently a webinar was organized to educate the youngsters for different opportunities available in the writing field.  The team also created an opportunity where among the participants with some expertise can propose their ideas to deliver a webinar, to exchange the ideas to make the society better. Monomousumi is pioneer in the field of writing with respect to various aspects including providing opportunities to its contestants to participate in the editing process of the Digital Magazine. It has continuously challenged itself to enhance the quality of the essay contest. 

You will find so much advice on the internet, and everyone will be telling you to try out different ideas. But you shouldn't give up. Starting a digital magazine may not be half as hard as you possibly think. The advent of the digital magazines is, therefore, a boon for the youth to present the visualized imaginative ideas through the innovative use of technology by adding audio-visual effects to attract and advance a piece of work. Furthermore, these creative skills and works will remain with us for the lifetime as a souvenir on the online platform to access it freely at any phase of life negotiating the physical, psychological, geographical boundaries. Thus, digitalization enhances the aesthetic sense of reading and writing whose font style, color, images, audio, animation enthrall human’s eye and engage a larger audience with deeper retention of thoughts in mind.

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