What Makes Vertical Blinds Ideal for Patio Doors and Large


Floor-to-ceiling glass doors and large windows are becoming famous additions to modern home designs, as these units bring ample daylight into your home. But the only problem is that these windows are not easy to dress compared to small windows.  

The large size of glass windows or patio doors means that they need custom-made blinds. However, another concern for homeowners is to find the right window coverings to ensure privacy and have full control over lighting as per the needs of inhabitants. 

Fortunately, one window treatment that covers all the bases is the vertical blinds. Thus, these are the best solution for large windows and glass doors. 

Why Choose Vertical Blinds for Your Home?

Here are some reasons to pick vertical blinds for your living space:

Vertical Blinds Make Ceiling Appear Higher

It’s no secret that vertical lines give an optical illusion of height in a room. Installing vertical blinds Delhi will make your room appear elongated, spacious and airy. 

Provide Better Light Control 

The only problem with large windows and glass doors is that they seem worse when you just wake up in the morning or when you need a warm setting inside your home. But vertical blinds enable you to control the amount of light needed in a room. 

When you feel like blocking the light coming into your room, you can close these blinds for the complete blackout. On the other hand, when you require maximum light, you can pull them open to bring in as much light as you want. 

The best part is that you can even change the angle of the slats of your vertical blinds. It enables you to filter as much or as less light needed in your room. This way it even protects you and your furnishing from harmful UV rays. 

Blocks the View

Large windows and patio doors are great for viewing outside landscape. But sometimes you also want privacy. So, how to achieve it if you have large glass windows and doors?

Well, vertical blinds are the best option to control the position of different slats as per your liking. This makes it easier to find the right angle to stop outsiders from peeping into your home while still giving you some glimpse of the outdoor view. This is why vertical blinds are perfect for street-facing windows. 

Easy to Maintain

Another major, but often overlooked, the advantage of vertical blinds is that these are easy to maintain. This means you can keep these window treatments in good condition, which is often a problem with small counterparts. 

Unlike curtains that need to be taken down for washing, vertical blinds can be cleaned using a damp cloth. You simply have to wipe them down with clean water to get rid of dust and debris. 

It’s also easy to replace vertical blinds Delhi if they get damaged. For, these blinds are made of individual slats. So, if one of the slats is cracked or scratched, you only have to buy a single panel to fit it in the right place. It makes it quite affordable and hassles-free option compared to roller blinds, which usually need complete replacement even if the smallest part is damaged. 


Keeping in mind the various benefits of vertical blinds, you must choose them if you wish to enhance your large windows or patio doors. Once installed, you don’t have to worry much about cleaning and maintenance of these window coverings.