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Vertical Garden Walls

Green walls and opulent vertical gardens are some of the most popular trends in residential landscaping Perth-wide right now. Here is how you can use them to create beautiful, multi-purpose outdoor spaces, no matter how big or small your backyard, terrace or courtyard is.

Why You Need a Garden Wall

What are vertical gardens and why you need them? Green wall landscaping Perth locals love are ranging from climbing plants to modular systems which allow you to grow flowers, vegetables or culinary herbs inside the structures. Apart from looking stunning, these luscious walls are practical as well. They will instantly add vibrancy to any outdoor space, but they can also purify the air and provide more oxygen. If you position them well, they can buffer sound, create shade to protect you from the sun or impose a privacy barrier in dense, urban areas.

Whenever you need to economise with space, vertical gardens are perfect for making your outdoors cosier. But if you have a sprawling lawn, you can build them to divide a larger are into smaller spaces intended for different purposes. These oases of greenery will make you feel more connected with nature and contribute to your mental health. Environmental benefits are impressive as well. They include carbon dioxide reduction, humidifying effect, reduction in energy use by cooling systems, capturing toxic gasses, filtration of pollutants and increase in biodiversity.

Constructing Your Vertical Garden

The best thing about vertical gardens is that you can easily incorporate them into any outdoor space. Whether you want something simple or an opulent rainforest-like wall, you can rely on your landscaper Perth to create a design that fits your unique garden.

While some plants can simply grow up against a wall, many of them need supporting structures. These can be built from different materials and formed in many different shapes. Fences, arbours, tepees, trellises, pergolas and obelisks all offer support for plants, but you can also use panels and modular components to achieve a rich, sleek and fashionable look.

Since structures can be heavy, you need a professional landscaper to ensure your green wall is built correctly. Whether it is a self-standing structure, or a frame attached to the wall, it should be strong enough to handle the load. In-built reticulation systems will ensure easy watering of your vertical garden. Additionally, your green wall will also require fertilising, pruning, weeding and other maintenance.

What to Plant

Depending on the style of your green wall, there are many plant varieties you can choose. When searching for a ‘landscaper near me’, look for photos of vertical gardens they’ve designed. Pin the ones you love and find out which types of flowers and greenery are best suited for a particular style of a frame. For example, succulents, ferns and small perennial shrubs are ideal for modular structures as they can thrive in contained spaces. Climbing plants are perfect if you want to cover a house wall. Bromeliads are suitable for various types of vertical gardens because they require little soil, and Hoya is one of the favourite choices for Aussie gardens because it loves sunlight, but it can also thrive in the shade. Japanese Iris is a wonderful addition because its cascading leaves resemble a green waterfall, while begonias can make an impact with their vibrant pink and apricot blooms. Other popular plants include ivy geranium, baby’s tears, ferns, orchids, ribbon plants and more. Mix and match for a great effect!

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