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Video Conferencing: What To Do And What To Avoid?

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Due to the corona virus pandemic, video conferencing is becoming an essential part of everyone’s life. Digitally work is getting very popular nowadays because most of the employees are working from home. Every organization whether small or large, operates their business digitally. Employees attend the business meeting online through video conferencing. You feel very good while working from home. You may change your home into a neat and clean office by using a free zoom virtual office background. Changing an unorganized background with professional background will enhance your experience of video conferencing calls.

Many things can help you to enhance your video conferencing call or sometimes make you embarrassing in front of other participants. Here is a list that tells you what you should do or what to avoid during the video conferencing call. This will help you to improve your call.

·        Everybody is watching you

When you are attending a video conferencing call, you must remember that everyone is watching you while you are speaking. Your participants also notify you whether you are not speaking on the call. Never think that your colleagues are not seeing you.

·         Always be on time and polite

You must be punctual and attend the call on time and prepare yourself before the beginning of the video conferencing video call. Your late arrival in the meeting will put the wrong impression on your colleagues.

·        First introduce yourself

First, you should introduce yourself to the other participants of your video conferencing call and also know about the participants, so you can easily talk to them by their name.

·        Keep all other device silent

During meetings on video call, you should switch off or silent your phone and other devices. If the device rings between the video conferencing call, your meeting will be interrupted.

·         Don’t do multi-tasking

You should pay attention to the other participants while you are attending an online meeting. Always look at the screen rather than the camera when you are speaking.

·        Use adequate light

Make sure that the place has proper and adequate lighting where you are going to attend your video conferencing call. it is better to use a handy source of light such as a table lamp or extra bulb and place it on the opposite wall.

·        Never sit in noisy area

Never start your online business meeting in a noisy area. This is not good to attend a meeting in the place where your spouse, children, pets make noise and they are roaming in the background. Avoid the noisy or high traffic area of the home. To hide the real background, use free virtual zoom backgrounds that can help in the reduction of distractions.

·        Do not eat anything

Avoid eating anything during the online business meetings. If it is needed, you can take a glass of water or a cup of tea or coffee during a video call. But never eat any crunchy food like chips. You should never drink or smoke while you are on the screen.

You must keep these Do’s and Don’ts in mind, this will enhance the quality of your video conferencing calls. Always use commercial backgrounds while attending online meetings.

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