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Video Marketing Trends to Boost Your Business

The Power of Video Marketing 

There is a timeless saying which goes “A picture is worth a thousand words”. If that is the case, just imagine how much is a video worth? One million? One billion? We will never know. But what we know is one thing. That video marketing is a recent trend that can take a business to new heights.

Video marketing can promote our brand, build customer loyalty, convey emotional messages. The list goes on. There are countless studies and surveys in favor of video marketing highlighting their advantages. You can always refer to video marketing guides available online to stay in the know.

How Effective Are They?

Helps to build trust with customers

In business trust is everything. If you lose that, then bid adieu to the customer in question. Video marketing excels in this aspect. When we promote a product or service through video, people can see for what it is. They can understand the background of the brand much better through a video than generic written content.

Better information retention

According to NGDATA, a product marketed through video stays in the mind of people more than when they read about it. After 3 days the information they recall is 10%. But if they view it as a video then the number soars to 65%. This is the massive boost video marketing is capable of giving to businesses who use it the right way.

Dominance in the age of the internet

80% of all internet traffic consists of videos. This is from a survey by Cisco. This is the reason why every business should get on the bandwagon of video marketing. Coming up with a well-optimized video with the necessary keywords will do wonders in SEO. This enhances the chances of ranking higher in SERPs.

4 Video Marketing Trends to Look Out For

Going live

One may make a strong case about how this can be a hit or miss. If the audience misses the Live at the scheduled time, then there will not be any end product. But with the introduction of COVID - 19 in our world, going Live has been gaining steam. A lot of product presentations aired live with thousands watching them. 

The thing about going live is the amount of engagement it provokes. The audience can ask questions and get responses in real-time. It promotes a sense of closeness with the brand.

Shoppable video is the future

Just imagine watching a video and taking an instant shine to the sneakers the character is sporting. Now imagine if you can buy a pair of those sneakers just by tapping them. Well, we don’t have to imagine anymore because they are real. This method is practical and facilitates a hassle-free experience. So it won’t be surprising if we see more companies adopting them in the future.

The longer the video, the more the immersion

The general assumption is that when a video is longer, people will click away. People are assumed to have an attention lifespan that is less than a goldfish. But if a video is done right then the length won’t matter. They have certain advantages. They give comprehensive detail about the product. This will instill confidence and attract more customers.

Brands like Nike, Apple create advertisements that are short films. They give an insight into how their products can make a difference in one’s life. Marketing of this kind will not come off as promotional. They become more personal and engaging.

Vlogging everywhere!

There was once a time when people poked fun at vloggers. But come 2021 and that notion is out of the window. With the emergence of countless video platforms such as Youtube, Twitch, Facebook there is a lot for vloggers to make use of. 

Previously they were used by YouTubers to showcase their daily lifestyle. Now it has become another tool in the field of marketing. Companies use vlogging-style videos to take a tour of their factories. They also make the customers have a better understanding of the business enterprise.

360 - Degree video on the rise!

2021 is going to witness a tremendous surge in the usage of videos taken in 360 - degree. This is an ideal tool for companies wishing to promote their products. A study from ADVRTAS shows 98% of people are keener on 360 - degree videos than traditional videos. The feeling of trying a product without leaving the luxury of our house is welcomed by the masses.

People love Animated videos

Videos with animated elements in them have been loved by everyone for a long time. This trend does not seem like changing anytime soon. Companies animate their videos for promoting their products. They come up with educational videos with cartoon mascots. This stays in the heart of their customers.

Graphic Designers

These are the people responsible for giving life to a text. The first impression is the best. In the present competitive market of video marketing, the aim is to make sure our videos stand out from the crowd. And graphic designers are the ones capable of making that difference.

Essentials for a Graphic Designer


For a graphic designer, a laptop is their best friend. It gives them the freedom of working with the same efficiency as they would in an office. Choosing the right laptop for a graphic designer is the first step. It should have a good graphics card, ample RAM, and storage.

An “All can do” creative software

This is as important as choosing your laptop. Adobe creative cloud is the go-to for most professionals. This is because of the vast array of templates and controls it gives. Picking the right software can help a graphic designer create magic and awe-inspiring visuals.

Fine quality desk and chair

This is where a graphic designer is going to be spending a lot of time. So spare no expense when it comes to picking these things. The last thing you want while working on a busy project is to feel uncomfortable with the furniture. 


Video marketing is the future. There are no two ways about it. With more and more companies embracing this method, the competition is only going to grow. So staying ahead of the curve is the key to come out on top. A good graphic designer is an answer to a successful video marketing campaign.

Syandita Malakar
Syandita Malakar
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