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5 Benefits of Video Translation Services

With the rise in online videos and visual content, the world is rapidly going digital. As the global audience demands more entertaining video content that caters to their preferences, the need for expert video translation services is also increasing.

If you own a brand that regularly churns out videos as a means for promotion, you are not alone. According to statistics, YouTube has become the second-largest search engine in the world, responsible for processing over 3 billion searches per month. In addition, video content is likely to account for almost 80% of consumer internet traffic in the coming years.

Being a business that tries to steer itself ahead of the competition can be tough. However, with the proper video content, reaching out to a global audience is easier than ever. All you need are some good video content that depicts your brand message accurately and an expert video translation services which has professional translation experts who translate your videos in multiple languages.

Here are some of the reasons why you should absolutely hire an expert translation agency for the translation of your videos and the benefits that translated videos have to offer.

Why do you need video translation services?

1.     It boosts your organic reach

It is a commonly known fact that about 53% of the website traffic comes from organic search. This is the reason why businesses should find ways to boost their organic reach. Video translation increases the reach of your videos substantially. By adding captions to your videos in multiple languages, your videos stand a better chance of getting views from a global audience. It will also increase the likelihood that your videos show up in the search results in multiple languages.

A proven strategy for improving search rankings and engagement is adding transcripts and captions to your videos. If these captions are present in another language, the audience which is native to that language will most probably view it. Additionally, by adding video translation for your global target audience, your keyword diversity will increase, ranking your content for relevant terms. Thus, hiring expert video gaming translation services can improve your reach.

2.     It improves engagement

According to some studies, a video is much more likely to get a greater number of views if it is translated into multiple languages. In fact, adding subtitles to a video boosts the viewing timing by an average of almost 40%.  

The absence of subtitles in a video can be one of the reasons why it is not being viewed by a greater audience. Conversely, adding translated subtitles can increase the chances of video views by a large margin. As the number of people viewing these videos increases, so does audience engagement. A business that is successful in engaging its audience stands a better chance of getting ahead in the competition.

3.     It is good for your ROI

With new videos popping up in news feeds and YouTube every minute, staying on top of the game can be tricky. And no one can deny that creating quality video content can be quite costly. Although these videos can be costly in the making, they are of great value. They can be present on multiple platforms such as YouTube, social media sites, websites, and electronic media.

Your video should always have a dedicated landing page or a blog that leads to your website. By having videos that direct to your website, your company website is much more likely to get more traffic. The more people visiting your website, the greater would be the ROI.

4.     It helps in better SEO rankings

It is a well-known fact that search engines can crawl caption texts. If your videos contain translated captions and subtitles, they will rank well on the search engines. This is the reason why your videos should always direct to your company website—it increases the SEO rankings considerably.

Suppose your audience wants to search for a video containing the directions to operate a machine. If you introduce this video on YouTube in multiple languages, more people will view it. This will push your video SEO ranking even higher. Not only that, if you aim to reach out to the European or Middle Eastern market, a translated video is much more likely to get you greater views and likes.

5.     It makes your brand stand out

Just like a translated website gets more traffic from a greater audience, a translated video is also much more likely to get views than an untranslated one. A video that is only present in a single language will not generate enough views. On the other hand, a video with translated subtitles and captions will reach a bigger audience with greater linguistic diversity.

This is the reason why a translated video ranks higher on YouTube search. The global audience wants a video that contains text in languages they can speak and understand. If your video is present in multiple languages, it will stand out from amongst the clutter of thousands of videos. In addition, more people will like and share it on social media platforms—the perfect recipe for a unique value proposition for your brand.

The Last Word

Video translation is an extremely important part of the globalization process. For a brand that is struggling to surface above the competition, a translated video can do wonders. The greater the number of languages the captions are translated into, the greater are the number of views. To make this possible, however, a professional translation agency should be chosen which will make video translation services easy. As this translation agency delivers translated videos in multiple languages, a company can introduce its video content to other markets and reap the benefits of a multilingual value proposition.

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